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Parker & Fink Article: This is a good article that explains framing and applies

Parker & Fink Article: This is a good article that explains framing and applies it to a study examining commentator framing of a WNBA game on viewers’ attitudes toward a variety of perceptions. Answer the following questions (worth 8 points):
Read over the literature review. What is one thing you found interesting/relevant from the literature review? (hint: the lit review is in the beginning sections of the article, and discusses what other researchers have found regarding this topic.)
Using the information from the literature review on framing, write your own “plain English” definition of framing.
In what ways have/do commentators frame audiences’ perceptions of athletes?
Read through the findings and discussion sections (hint—the discussion section is more of a “plain English” explanation of the findings). What is one finding you found to be interesting? Or, do you disagree with the findings?
Critical Feminist Frames in U.S. Media Coverage article: This article was published in 2017 and examines the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics to determine what frames were used to portray female athletes (worth 10 points). Please note—if students copy material directly from the article, no points will be given.
In our material on theories, we introduced critical feminist theory. In this 2017 article, what is the main tenet of critical feminist theory? (p.13) In your own words, what is being studied using the “lens” of this theory?) [2pts]
This article discusses several narratives used in the coverage of female athletes in Rio. Select one of these narratives, and do the following:
List the narrative you selected [1pt]
Discuss one takeaway from this narrative. A “takeaway” is a discussion of what a student finds interesting and relevant to the overall assignment (which in this case is framing of sports, and specifically female athletes). A takeaway can also include information that the student would want the class to know if he/she/they were teaching the course to others. [3pts]
Outside Source: Additional Framing Example: Find an additional example of framing, not used in any of our articles. For instance, on D2L I included a link to stereotypes of disability in the media; this could help students identify another example of framing [worth 4 points].
With the example identified: Include a brief discussion of how it fits into this material/a takeaway. Essentially, students are replicating Q2b from the Rio Olympics article, but using a different source and/or type of framing.
Include citation information so I can access the source used.

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