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Paper 4: Argument Length:          650 minimum (word count does not include the

Paper 4: Argument
Length:          650 minimum (word count does not include the works cited); be sure to include the word count
Format:          MLA
About the Assignment
For Paper 4, you will write an argument essay. When we think of an argument, we may immediately remember a heated discussion we’ve had with a friend or family member. HOWEVER, in college, an argument is very different. A college argument is a piece of writing that has a thesis and that provides evidence to support that thesis. The arguments we write will NOT rely on emotion or unfair statements; instead, you will use logic and concrete evidence to demonstrate that your opinion is valid or sound.  
“Should Gamers Be Prosecuted for Virtual Stealing?” by Alex Weiss pp. 809-812 (Use this essay as an example of the ethical dilemma found in technology–you DON’T have to use it in your essay). 
Prompt (found on page 812 of your text):
5. In an essay, explore one of the issues that emerging technologies (immersive virtual reality, driverless cars, and 3D printing) are giving rise to. Explain the issue and take a stand on it, arguing for how it should be addressed and who should be included in the debate.
Example thesis (which you may adapt as your own): With the invention of artificial intelligence software, programs like Chat GPT are helping to forge new opportunities for students to learn about almost anything; however, some may use it to avoid actually doing their work and instead using the programs to replace actual learning. Regardless of the negative aspects, AI software should be allowed to be used in classrooms because _____________.
You will need to do research from the library databases in order to complete this assignment. Please visit https://pac.alamo.libguides.com/databasesLinks to an external site. to complete your research. 
In addition to the article from the text, use a maximum of two articles from the databases to write your essay.
Minimum of 5 paragraphs, including an introduction, 3+ body paragraphs, and a conclusion
A well-developed introduction, which includes a “hook” and author’s full name and the title of the article.
A clear, specific, and provable thesis statement that consists of a topic + comment; the thesis MUST be located in the introduction, preferably at the end of the introduction.
Topic sentences in each body paragraph that state the focus of the paragraph and that relate to the thesis
Illustrations/Evidence that support your thesis (, personal examples, observations, quotes/summaries)
Convincing and logical explanations that tie your support to your topic sentences
Use of specific detail in your examples and explanations
Clear organization
Proper MLA in-text citations for quotes, summaries, etc. . . . anything borrowed MUST be cited, no exceptions. 
Correctly formatted Works Cited page. 

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Length:          650 minimum (word count does not include the appeared first on essaynook.com.

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