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Overview Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are one of the most deadly and costlie

Hurricanes and tropical cyclones are one of the most deadly and costliest natural disasters around the world. Each year there are about 42 of these storms worldwide. Hurricanes create damage through various avenues: high winds, storm surge flooding, large amounts of rainfall, and even the spawning of tornado activity. In this Discussion, you will focus on how hurricanes are formed, the damage they inflict, and how coastal areas protect against these storms.
Read Chapters 11 and 16 of the eText and look through the M4 Exploration topics on Hurricanes and Coastal Processes.
Prompts for Initial Post:
Identify the different processes that make the formation of a hurricane favorable, include information about the associated Earth Systems (from discussion 2) that are involved in the formation of hurricane events.
Explain two or more coastal hazards that occur when a hurricane makes landfall. How are the risks of these hazards managed?
Almost 50% of the United States population can be found on the coast and are at risk of destruction of property by a hurricane. Should residential and commercial buildings be allowed to be built right on the shoreline? Why or why not?
What are some strategies that property owners and local governments use to mitigate negative impacts from hurricanes? Which of these do you think are the most important ones for hurricane prone areas?
What are the various predictions about the correlations between hurricanes and climate change?
General Discussion Instructions
Initial post: Use the Required Readings, Exploration material, and Material associated with this discussion as a starting point to gather information to answer all of the prompts in an initial post of at least 150 words.
Your Title: Make sure your subject heading is descriptive enough that everyone knows what your post is about and that your title is different from the titles used by your classmates. Many students include their name in their title to make them uniquely their own.
General Reminders for Initial Posts:
Respond to all prompts listed for the initial post.
Cite your references using APA Style format, all initial posts are expected to include at least 1 citation, even if it is just to the required reading or exploration information.
If you include graphics, use an in-text citation (Author, Date) next to the graphic with a complete citation in your reference section at the end of your post.

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