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Overview State and Country to use Nevada and Sri Lanka This assignment is a PPT

Overview State and Country to use
Nevada and Sri Lanka
This assignment is a PPT presentation with voice-over that will introduce the District Export Council’s (DEC’s) trade mission to YOUR COUNTRY, which you have been involved in planning, to your manager and the business leaders that will participate.
Review the contents of Module 5.
2. Complete the Trade Mission Assignment.
Assignment Instructions
Based on the preferences indicated by your peers in the “Trip to YOUR COUNTRY” class discussion, create a PPT presentation that overviews a five-day multi-city trip to YOUR COUNTRY. Arrival is Day Zero and departure is Day Six. Do not provide lots of generic information about YOUR COUNTRY, or details regarding travel between YOUR STATE and YOUR COUNTRY with info/images of airplanes, passports, or airports.
In the limited time you have, introduce your manager and the business leaders going on the trade mission to the unique activities and experiences that will make the trip a true representation of the people and culture of YOUR COUNTRY. Those unique activities and experiences should include all nine of the options that were most preferred by your peers (i.e., the most preferred option for (A) stay, (B) experience, (C) meet, (D) make, (E) learn, (F) play, (G) see, (H) eat, and (I) transport).
In addition to your peers’ preferences, the trip should incorporate (I) a national festival of some kind that would add to the experience, and (J) a visit to a major port or international trade center in YOUR COUNTRY – one that you think would be relevant to international business efforts between YOUR COUNTRY and the US.
As this is a presentation introducing YOUR COUNTRY, you should begin your presentation with the verbal greeting they use in YOUR COUNTRY and end your presentation with the verbal salutation they use in YOUR COUNTRY. (Note: This info is available in the AtoZ International Business database under the Country Business Guide for YOUR COUNTRY. Look under the “Language” tab at either the “Spoken Languages” or “Video Dictionary” link.)
Pecha Kucha, What Is It?
Your presentation should use a Pecha Kucha format. This format will give you an opportunity to present your ideas in a concise, creative, and engaging manner. Pecha Kucha (Japanese: ペチャクチャ, loosely translated as “chitchat”) is a fast-paced, focused and dynamic technique to deliver an excellent presentation in less than seven minutes. It was introduced in Japan in 2003. Presentations using a Pecha Kucha format consist of 20 PPT slides that each automatically advance after 20 seconds. The talk accompanies the slides.
The beauty of Pecha Kucha is in the simplicity of its design. Because such presentations have a limited number of slides and they automatically advance, the slides rely heavily on visual representations to convey content. Text on the slides is kept to a bare minimum, with pictures and large graphics helping to guide the presentation in a story-like manner.
Pecha Kucha presentations for this course have three specific requirements: (1) they have exactly 20 PPT slides, (2) each PPT slide automatically advances after 20 seconds, and (3) no slide has more than 10 words on it. A PPT template with the required Pecha Kucha format is provided HERE Download HERE. The main points you cover on each PPT slide should be included in the “Notes” area below each slide. Also, keep your voice-over for each slide to slightly less than 20 seconds so none of it is lost when the slide automatically advances.
A grading rubric for the presentation is provided. Review it before submission to verify your presentation is complete.
Your PPT presentation with voiceover will be submitted in Canvas.
Pecha Kucha Examples
Pecha Kucha on presenting a Pecha Kucha –

How to Make a Pecha Kucha –

Please let me know if you have any questions. Please put what I need to read in the footnotes. I will so the voice part.

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Nevada and Sri Lanka
This assignment is a PPT appeared first on essaynook.com.

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