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Once you’ve selected your song and found your video, you can start on your Liste

Once you’ve selected your song and found your video, you can start on your Listening Bulb. Your bulb must include at least 10 questions. In your 10 questions:
at least one question must ask about part of the form (structure) of the song using genre-appropriate form vocabulary like exposition, development, recapitulation, or by labeling sections with letters like A, B, C
at least one question must require the listener to ID an instrument
at least one question must ask about something related to the history, development, or vocabulary specific to that time period
at least one question must ask about the timbre of a specific sound source within the song
at least one question must ask about the melody in some way
at least one question must ask about a change in texture
your remaining 4+ questions can ask about the same musical elements listed above at different moments in the song, or other musical elements, like dynamics, tempo, harmony, or other elements from Ch 2
at least 9 of your questions must be multiple choice (can be single answer or ‘check all that apply’, but not free response)
all 10 questions must be fact-based (not opinions)
up to one question may reference the lyrics; it is NOT a requirement to discuss any lyrical content of your song
n all of your questions, you CANNOT:
ask about visual elements that are unrelated to the music (For example, “the artist filmed the video in the desert because…” this is unrelated to the music)
group all of your questions at the beginning or end of your song. Questions should be relatively spread throughout the song, asking about meaningful musical moments as they occur.
ask questions at random time stamps. When your question pops up, it should connected the music just heard and be purposeful in timing. While asking a question every 20 seconds or some other predetermined amount of time is clearly planned and not ‘random’, this sort of planned spacing is not coordinating your questions with meaningful musical moments and would also lose credit.
ex. Question
We’re not even through the statement of the first theme and already, Beethoven has established a rhythmic motif that will continue throughout the entire symphony. The rhythm we hear and see consists of four notes. Which best describes the rhythm? (The final note of one iteration of the rhythm is currently highlighted exactly where the video has paused.)
10 / 10 pts
Introduction to Music
Summer I 2024
Instructor: Janelle Festo
The World of Music
8th Edition
Author: David Willoughby
ISBN: 1259892921
If the above link does not work for McGraw-Hill, try:
Please note that any product marked “used” might not grant access to the online
materials. It is not recommended to purchase a used access card.
Recommended Supplemental Materials
NAXOS Music Library
To access the NAXOS Music Library:
1. Go to http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/
2. Click “Find A Database”
3. Select “Naxos Music Library”
4. Click “NetID and Password”
5. Search for the desired recording
Certain recordings available via YouTube may be required listening for class
activities. Please ensure you can access videos and their accompanying audio
(via speakers or headphones) through this website. If you have any issues,
please contact the instructor for alternative listening options (via NAXOS, listed
Grove/Oxford Music Online
This is an excellent resource for musical information – biographical, technical, or
otherwise. You can access it the same way you access the NAXOS Music
Library but look for “Grove Music Online” instead of “Naxos Music Library.”

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