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Use of third person

References can be within 5-10 years (no blog or funny website) evidence-based is preferred

At least 5 pages excluding references or title etc.

The Learning Objective for the module is for the student to Demonstrate competency in the transformation of data into information and use the acquired knowledge in decision-making and the delivery of health care services. (AACN 7,8) The learning objective has been derived from the AACN Essentials. To achieve the learning objective, the student will complete the assigned readings and videos as well as a module assignment. Completion of the module assignment helps the student develop informatics competencies. 

Successful completion of the module entails

Step 1 Read the assigned book chapters 
Chapter 3 Health Systems and Information Flow
Chapter 4 Informatics-Related Standards and Standard Setting
Chapter 11 Evidenced-Based Informatics
Chapter 23 Data Science and Analytics in Healthcare
Step 2 Increase nursing informatics vocabulary by defining the selected keywords


The Module 2 assignment entails working with Excel. All data are simulated for the eCQM Diabetes: Foot Exam.

Directions to complete the assignment are provided in the 2023 Data Exercise Modified file Download 2023 Data Exercise Modified file. The Excel data set is found by downloading the 2023 Data Exercise Download 2023 Data Exercise. (Will send this separately)

The student will answer a number of questions related to the line graph created in Excel. 

Organize the assignment submission as follows 

Cover page 


Purpose of the assignment (Use the phrase the purpose of this assignment is to ..)

Methods for Using Excel 

Submit a screen print of the Excel spreadsheet showing provider, year, numerator, denominator, performance rate

Pivot table

Line graph including the data labels

Discussion of the Results

Compare and contrast the providers as depicted on the line graph

Discuss the performance rate as depicted on the line graph

Discuss the value of the line graph in providing information about the eCQM, Diabetes: Foot Exam

Discuss the value of extracting structured data from the EHR compared to a paper record


References (minimum of five) 

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