NURBN3034 Assessment Task

NURBN3034 Assessment Task 1a

Global Health Issues Group ePoster Presentation

Weighting: 30%

Due date: Thursday August 18th 13.59pm each group


The purpose of this learning task is to choose one of the following global health issues that under the right conditions has or is likely to have a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of people and communities living in Australia. You will also highlight a relevant Australian Health Policy that aims to address the global health issue you have chosen.

Word Count: should be no more than 500 words in length +/- 10% (including in text citations)

Format: PowerPoint E-Poster saved as a PDF – please utilise the additional resources on Moodle to help with slide size, design and file saving.


In this assignment students are required to:

Working in groups of two (2), you will research and critically examine one of the below contemporary Global Health Issues (GHI) in Australia. Choose ONE specific Global Health Issue (GHI) using this list for suggestions:

Non-Communicable Disease such as Obesity, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease etc

Communicable Diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV, whooping cough, Influenza, Meningococcal disease, COVID-19 etc

Injury and Violence such as domestic violence, elder abuse etc

Mental Health such as Depression, Self-harm etc

Drug and/or Alcohol Abuse

Within your E-Poster you need to display:

Introduction: this should address why this health issue is of global significance.

Modifiable and/or Non-Modifiable Risk factors for the health issue and/or risk factors that can influence the spread.

Impact of the health issue on the individual (for example physical, emotional and socioeconomic impacts)

Challenges in managing the health issue in the individual (location, financial, engagement etc)

Strategies to prevent and manage this health issue in the individual.

Use the E-Poster Design Tips outline to help you create an interesting representation of your chosen GHI. You should use less text and more visual representation of information including pictures and graphs. Links to video or audio clips must be no longer 2-3 minutes and should complement your own discussion not replace it. Consider your use of colour/ backgrounds to complement (not detract) from your design to engage the reader.


Referencing should be included using APA 7th Edition guidelines. It is expected that the students use primarily peer reviewed sources for referencing. For this assessment and to support your findings, you are to use at least 7 peer-reviewed references in your paper.

Your Reference list can be added to a separate slide. In text citations for text and graphics used must be on the main poster.


One student of the group to upload the PDF file to the Moodle Submission link titles “Assessment Task 1a: E-Poster Submission Link” with the file name saved under your group name and title of your poster.

For example: ErinTanti_NissyThomasDiabetesEposter.pdf .

Students should ensure the all student names and Student IDs can be located on the main page of the poster


University staff will mark this assessment task. Pre-marking moderation will apply to this assessment task. A marking guide for this assessment task is included on page 3.


Results and feedback for this assessment task will be available on Moodle within 3-4 weeks per Federation University policy

NURBN3034 Assessment Task 1a E-Poster 5 marks4 marks3 marks2 marks1 marks0 marks  IntroductionThe evidence to supportThe evidence to supportThe evidence to supportThere is some evidence toThere is minimal orNo evidence tothe purpose of the E-the purpose of the E-the purpose of the E-Postersupport the purpose of the E-irrelevant evidence tosupport thePoster is clear and howPoster is clear and howis somewhat clear and howPoster and how and why thesupport the purpose of thepurpose of the E-and why the topic wasand why the topic wasand why the topic wastopic was chosen related to itsE-Poster is and how andPoster and howchosen related to itschosen related to itschosen related to its globalglobal significance but poorlywhy the topic was chosenand why the topicglobal significance isglobal significance issignificance is wellexpressed and/or articulated.related to its globalwas chosen relatedclearly represented andreasonably wellrepresented BUT requires significance OR is poorlyto its globalarticulated well.represented andto be more clearly expressed and articulated.significance. articulated.expressed and/or     articulated.     Risk factorsIdentification of the ALLIdentification of the ALLIdentification of MOSTThere is minimal identificationThere is minimal orNo identification ofrelevant risk factors forrelevant risk factors forrelevant risk factors for theand presentation of the relevantirrelevant identification andrelevant risk factorsthe GHI is clearlythe GHI is reasonablyGHI but is well representedrisk factors for the GHI AND ispresentation of risk factorsfor the GHI.represented andrepresented andBUT requires to be morepoorly represented AND requiresfor the GHI articulated well.articulated.clearly expressed and/orto be more clearly expressed    articulated.and/or articulated.    ImpactIdentification of allIdentification of mostIdentification of mostThere is minimal identificationThere is minimal orNo identification ofimpacts of the GHI onimpacts of the GHI onimpacts of the GHI on theand presentation impacts of theirrelevant identification andimpacts of the GHIthe individual and isthe individual and isindividual is wellGHI on the individual AND ispresentation of impacts ofon the individual.clearly represented andreasonably representedrepresented BUT requirespoorly represented AND requiresthe GHI on the individual. articulated well.and be more clearlyto be more clearly expressed    expressed and/orand/or articulated.    articulated.     ChallengesIdentification of allIdentification of relevantIdentification relevantThere is some identification andThere is minimalNo identification ofrelevant challenges inchallenges inchallenges in managementpresentation of relevantidentification andrelevant challengesmanagement of themanagement of theof the individual relating tochallenges in management ofpresentation of relevantin management ofindividual relating to theindividual relating to thethe GHI is well representedthe individual relating to the GHIchallenges in managementthe individualGHI is clearlyGHI is reasonablyBUT requires to be moreAND is poorly represented ANDof the individual relating torelating to the GHIrepresented andrepresented andclearly expressed and/orrequires to be more clearlythe GHI. articulated well.articulated.articulated.expressed and/or articulated.    MitigationIdentification of relevantIdentification of relevantIdentification of relevantThere is some identification andThere is minimalNo identification ofprevention orprevention orprevention or managementpresentation of irrelevantidentification andrelevant preventionmanagement strategiesmanagement strategiesstrategies for the individualprevention or managementpresentation of NEITHERor managementfor the individual relatingfor the individual relatingrelating to the GHI is wellstrategies for the individualrelevant prevention orstrategies for theto the GHI is clearlyto the GHI is reasonablyrepresented BUT requiresrelating to the GHI BUT is poorlymanagement strategies forindividual relatingrepresented andrepresented andto be more clearlyrepresented AND requires to bethe individual relating to theto the GHI.articulated well.articulated.expressed and/ormore clearly expressed and/orGHI.   articulated.articulated    Readability (Engagement)The E-Poster is visuallyThe E-Poster isThe E-Poster is somewhatThe reader is minimally engagedThe E-poster does notNo submission.and highly engaging toengaging through theengaging to the reader. Theby the E-Poster. The use ofengage the reader. Lacking the reader throughuse of colours, fonts,text, language, visualcolours and imagery is limited,in visual imagery, design or appropriate use ofimagery and digitalimagery used isbland or has minimal impact orcreativity to support the colours, fonts, imageryimprint. The text,appropriate, however thesesignificance on the visualtopic. There is no relevant and digital imprint. Thelanguage, visual imagerycould be enhanced toappearance of the E-Poster. Themessage or significance of text, language, visualused is clear andengage the reader andmessages of the GHI in the E-the GHI that can be imagery used is clearaccurate andconvey a stronger messagePoster are weak or difficult toconcluded from the E- and accurate and evokesdemonstrates theof the GHI. There are adetermine. There are a numberPoster. Poor level of the significance of thesignificance of the GHI Itnumber of spelling orof spelling or grammatical errorsarticulation and expression, GHI. It strongly conveysconveys a message togrammatical errors (more(more than 10).with considerable sentence a message and a story tothe reader. There arethan 5 and less than 10). or paragraph structure the reader. There are nominimal spelling or  unclear, and/or numerous spelling or grammaticalgrammatical errors (less  spelling or grammatical errors.than 5).  errors.   Evidence of Best Practice & ReferencingEvidence of extensiveEvidence of wide rangeEvidence of range ofEvidence of adequate reading,Evidence of a narrow rangeNo in-text citations,reading. Demonstratesof reading.reading, and use of somebut use of few acceptableof reading, and/or minimalAND No referenceuse of the most current,Demonstrates use ofcurrent, relevant, andcurrent, relevant, and credibleor absent use of current,list ANDrelevant, and crediblecurrent, relevant, andcredible evidence-basedsources of evidence-basedrelevant, and credibleSubmission doesevidence-basedcredible evidence-basedresearch. Less than sevenresearch. Minimal sources used.evidence-based sourcesnot conform toresearch. More thanresearch. Seven sourcessources used. MostlyErrors in APA 7th Ed. Format for(E.g., commercial website).requirementsseven sources used.used. Correct use ofcorrect use of APA 7th Ed.citations and references (in-textSignificant errors of APAoutlined in CourseCorrect use of APA 7thAPA 7th Ed. Format forFormat for citations andand reference list).7th Ed. Format for citationsDescriptor andEd. Format for allmost citations andreferences (in-text and and references (in-text andMoodle.citations and referencesreferences (in-text andreference list). reference list). (in-text and referencereference list)    list).     Total/35(30% of overall grade)    

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