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Note : Read the directions carefully and make sure you are looking at PDF and le

Note : Read the directions carefully and make sure you are looking at PDF and learning contract and make sure you pick to standards that meet this. Write this up as I am recording it to my class not a paper. Any questions ask.
Week 1 Discussion: Begin Your Yellowdig Discussion
Review the NASW Standards for Social Work Case Management. Choose two standards and create a reflective video (less than 5 minutes) on how you might use the standards to effectively engage a client in an initial interview.
Response Guidelines
Review and respond to the posts of two other learners. Please make your initial post by Thursday and your response by Sunday.
Your Participation: Your interactions and anything you share in Yellowdig should be courteous, succinct, professional, well-written, and organized. Communicating clearly with proper grammar and punctuation will foster more and better interactions with your classmates.
Your Post: Please post something to the community related to the content covered this week. Do not create your post as a reply to the pinned post. Instead, use Yellowdig’s Create option to start a conversation.
Responding to Peers: As you respond to your classmates, share your professional experiences and helpful thoughts and feedback about ideas they have shared. Try to comment on those where you feel you have the most useful information to share and consider the following:
Using the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) Code of Ethics to inform your response, share one social work ethical responsibility peers can use to build rapport with their site supervisors. In your response, share the ethical responsibility’s number as well (for example, “Self-Determination, 1.02”).
How have your experiences resonated with their ideas?
What can you add to their ideas, building upon the connections you have made to the material so far?
Consider exploring the features of Yellowdig, such as your ability to embed videos and pictures, create polls and videos, use hashtags, love or like a post, and so on.
Yellowdig Help
Yellowdig ForumsLinks to an external site.. Capella’s Campus support page for Yellowdig.
Yellowdig SupportLinks to an external site.. Connect directly to Yellowdig technical support.
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