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My Topic: Why 4 Day Workweeks are beneficial for everyone. Directions: To compl

My Topic: Why 4 Day Workweeks are beneficial for everyone.
To complete this assignment, first review the Project Resources Document and select a category (e.g., higher education, business and finance, innovative technologies). Skim the articles in that category and pick an article to read in depth. Then identify topics within that article that you might want to work with for this course. The information under each prompt will guide you through this process.
For this assignment, you will also write a research question and state the purpose of your research. Feel free to use the research question template in the Supporting Materials section as a starting place; however, if you want to craft your research question without the template, you are welcome to do so.
Specifically, you must address the following:
Select a category in the Project Resources Document.
Review the categories in the Project Resources Document linked in the Supporting Materials section.
After selecting a category that interests you, note in your submission your category choice.
Then, review the articles related to your category.
Select one of the articles listed under your category.
Carefully read your chosen article.
As you read, consider some possible topic ideas related to your article that are debatable and could be used for a persuasive essay.
Cut and paste into your paper the corresponding citation in either MLA or APA format for the source you chose. You may choose if you would like to use MLA or APA documentation style this term. You will need to use the format you choose for this assignment for the duration of the course, including all assignments and the project.
Identify a debatable topic related to your chosen source. Consider the following in your response:
State the specific topic that you identified within your chosen source. This will become your focus for your persuasive essay.
State two perspectives on your topic and who would be interested in this topic.
Write a research question about your topic. These steps will help you write your research question:
Review the templates and/or the exemplar to help you draft your research question. While you may choose to formulate your research question without using the templates, your research question needs to aim to solve a problem and lead to a complex discussion.
Explain how your research question identifies a specific aspect of your issue.
Explain how your research question aims to solve a problem.
Identify the complex arguments and counterarguments that are potential answers to your research question. If you cannot find complex arguments and counterarguments, then you may need to reconsider your research question. If you are stuck, reach out to your instructor.
State the purpose of your research. Consider the following in your response:
Explain what you want to learn more about regarding your topic.
Discuss how research will help you understand the multiple voices within your debatable topic.
What to Submit
Submit your assignment as a 1-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.
Supporting Materials
The following resources support your work on this assignment:
Project Resources Document
Module One Assignment Exemplar
Research Question Template

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To compl appeared first on essaynook.com.

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