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My part is the concept map and organization of initiative I attached screenshots

My part is the concept map and organization of initiative
I attached screenshots of the pages from the book but also have it typed below
Using the Group Discussion on page 163 of your Albert et al. (2022) text, follow the
directions and complete the group assignment on innovation utilizing any of the Group
Resources on Blackboard. Remember this is about innovation and technology, so ensure
this includes technology and is either a new innovation that is enhancing patient care or an
innovation that you are improving to further enhance care. This assignment requires a
Concept Map, which you are already familiar with, and an APA formatted paper to discuss
the project. Include the Concept Map as a figure at the end of the paper.
Group Discussion
Building a community of innovation requires significant talent on the part of the leader. Creating a context that makes innovation possible involves a great deal of work in transforming the system in a way that values innovation. Every member of the work community brings something to the innovative process. Leadership is required to determine the particular and unique characteristics of individuals, discern the contribution these characteristics can make to the innovation process, and build a community of innovators that balances the skills and talents in a way that makes the innovation process work.
As a group, think of a specific innovation that would improve the life of practice in your department, service, or unit. After identifying a specific innovation, reflect together on the staff that makes up the service. List their unique attributes and characteristics with a mind to what role they would play in innovation. Place this information on a flip chart using a mind-mapping or concept-mapping approach. Think about how each might contribute, the role he or she might play, and the manner in which you might organize the innovation initiative to best make use of member skills and to serve and advance the innovation idea. Once the design is concluded, test it out and see where it takes you.
Our innovation is anaphylaxis kits
! Our kit includes:
Saline Lock Supplies
• (2) 20 gauge angiocaths
• (2) 22 gauge angiocaths
• IV extension kits
• (2) Saline Flushes
• IV Start Pack
Anaphylaxis Meds
• Normal Saline
• Benadryl 25 mg IVP
• Pepcid 20 mg IVP
• Epinephrine 0.3 mL IM(Pediatric Dose – 0.01 mg/kg, max 0.3 mL
• Pepcid 20 mg IVP
• (4) 3 cc Syringes
• (4) 18 gauge Safety Lock Needles
• (3) Saline Flushes
• (1) 22 gauge IM Needle
• (1) Primary IV Tubing
• (1) Nasal Cannula
This kit will be located in the medication fridge in the ED
For technology Maybe we could discuss the use of Epi EAIs (emergency auto injectors/epi pen)? Benefits of potentially utilizing in the ED so that medication doesn’t have to be pulled up delaying administration?

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I attached screenshots appeared first on essaynook.com.

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