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Assessment Task                                                                   Due Date                       %              ILOs AssessedAssessment Task 2 Class presentation based on a case studyWeek 925%A,C and DSubmission DetailsTo be undertaken in tutorial in week 9Grading Criteria and FeedbackSee rubric belowDescription of TaskStudents will analyse selected case studies available on the moodle and work individually for this task. Presentations are limited to 8-10 minutes. Students need to provide a brief background of the HBR marketing management case and include discussions about–what particular aspect (and problem) of marketing are they going to address in this case. Outline and demonstrate the key discussion points or sections with specific headings/sub-headings that you will address in this case including your work plan.

Students need to read the HBR Case studies for class presentations: (the cases are available on moodle).

1. Burger King: Developing a Marketing Mix for Growth.

Rubric: Assessment Task 2: Case Study (Class Presentations)

The following table is included to help in your understanding of what the Lecturer is looking for when assessing the presentation; it suggests factors or qualities they look for to determine the levels of understanding and performance being demonstrated, and to differentiate between the various grades.

Rating DescriptionsFail: N (0% – 49%)Beginning: D (50% – 59%)Developing: C (60% – 69%)Accomplishe d: B (70% – 79%)Exemplary: A (80% – 100%)Rating values0 or 12345Content
Clear explanation and coverage of strategic marketing theory and integration of knowledge for analysis.

  5 Marks  Little to no demonstration of learning of subject concepts. Confusion about important concepts.  The response does not demonstrate that the team has fully understood and applied concepts learned in subject.  The response demonstrates that the team, to a certain extent, understand and have explained relevant concepts learned in subject.   The response demonstrates that the team, for the most part, understands and has explained relevant concepts learned in the course and have reflected theory in practice.  The response demonstrate s that the team fully understands and has explained relevant concepts learned in the course. Concepts are integrated into the presenter’ insights.

Problem Definition Appropriate problem definition and analysis of the market situation

  5 Marks  No evidence or focus on the problem definition and market situation.  Little evidence or focus on the problem definition and market situation.  Some focus on problem definition and market situation.  Good focus on problem definition and market situation.  Very good focus in on problem definition and market situation.Creativity/Delivery Original material used; use of the unexpected; the audience’s attention s captured  

5 marks  No use of original material; No use of the unexpected; Audience’s attention not captured  Limited use of original material; little use of the unexpected ;

Limited capture of the audience’s attention  Some use of original material; some use of the unexpected; capture audience’s attention at times  Good use of original material; use of the unexpected to capture audience’s attention  Very original presentation of material; uses the unexpected to full advantage; fully captures audience’s attentionPresentation skills A polished presentation with consistent delivery that comes across as positive enthusiastic and confident. 3 marksInaudible or too loud; poor eye contact; inconsistent delivery, delivery too slow/fast; speakers uninterested or used monotoneSome mumbling; little eye contact; uneven rate; inconsistent ; little or no expressionSome enthusiasm evident however a presentation with inconsistencies and unpolished effectClear articulation but inconsistent and not a polished overall presentationConsistent, Poised, clear articulation; proper volume; steady rate; good posture and eye contact; enthusiasm; confidence

Audience response Audience fully engaged and their attention kept throughout  

2 marksIncoherent; audience lost interest and could not determine the point of the presentationLittle engagement with the audience; went off topic and/or lost the audience; mostly presented facts with little or no imaginationSome engagement with the audience although not maintained throughoutAudience involved in the presentation; held the audience’s attention throughoutFull engagement with the audience and maintained throughout

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