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This assignment is a continuation of the Strategic Planning Analysis assignment (SWOT).  They are still very different assignment but lots of information do not have to be repeated or researched again.

SWOT used Baptist medical hospital in San Antonio

Please use these two facilities for the assignment: Baptist medical hospital in San Antonio and Methodist hospital stone oak in San Antonio Texas

References must be within 5 years

Please used/follow the rubric

Review the class discussion on marketing and complete the required readings/viewings before beginning this assignment. 

Identify two organizations (one can be yours, but only if you can view it without bias) that compete for the same business. 

First, for each organization, provide the information requested below:

Name of organization; Brief description of organization.

Based on a review of available marketing and advertising materials, what are the marketing messages the organization is trying to deliver? Include examples of the material and the messages in the Appendix.  How successful do you think the messages are and why?

What customers are being targeted? Give examples.

What value(s) does the organization offer to the consumer?

Second,  compare and contrast the two organizations in terms of marketing and advertising.

Include examples of marketing and advertising materials in the Appendix.

Limit paper to 8 pages not including cover, references, and appendices.

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