Male Gaze in Shawshank Redemption Sequence Media Criticsm Essay

Pick a sequence from a film or television show that you feel demonstrates something interesting about the gaze. Your scene selection does not need to illustrate Mulvey’s theory; it can challenge or nuance it. Describe the sequence in detail, highlighting how formal decisions (editing, framing, staging, sound, camera movement, etc.) shape our experience of looking at and/or with the characters. Do not pick “Silence of the Lambs” or “The Matrix,” or the scenes from “Magic Mike” we have discussed in class. 250-400 words.

(10 points) – description is detailed and clear, capturing the formal elements that shape the sequence

(5 points) – description uses vivid and expressive language that seeks to convey the effect of the sequence

(5 points) – the chosen sequence is appropriate, demonstrating relationships of looking at/with the characters

(5 points) – mechanics are generally correct and do not impede comprehension





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