law homework 7357 Management theory has witnessed an evolution of change in America over the last century.From the 1890s to about the 1930s

law homework 7357
Management theory has witnessed an evolution of change in
America over the last century.From the 1890s to about the
1930s there was the scientific management period, led by theorists
such as Frederick Taylor. The primary focus of the scientific
management movement was on production, with the worker being of
secondary or lesser importance. In the 1930s to the present day,
there has been another movement, which has often been referred to
as thehuman relations movement, led by Elton Mayo and another
group of theorists. Based on studies conducted in the Western
Electric Plant in the mid-1920s, Mayo and his associates came to
believe that the focus needed to be changed from production to the
people who work for the organization. Keeping these two theories in
mind, respond to the following questions in your response.
Primary Task Response:Within the Discussion Board area, write
400600 words that respond to the following questions with your
thoughts, ideas, and comments. This will be the foundation for
future discussions by your classmates. Be substantive and clear,
and use examples to reinforce your ideas: Formally
definescientific managementand the human relations
movement. What are the pros and cons of each of these management
theories? As a security manager, which of these 2 theories would
you utilize in the day-to-day management of the employees who work
directly for you? Also, explain in detail why you would not choose
the other theory.

Main points to note when writing argumentative essays

Writing an argumentative essay requires the writer to present an argument and support it with evidence. Here are the main points to keep in mind when writing an argumentative essay:
1. Understand the prompt: Read the prompt carefully and make sure you understand it completely.
2. Research your topic: Gather information and make sure to use reliable sources.
3. Create an outline: An outline will help you organize your thoughts and ideas.
4. Choose a side: Decide which side of the argument you will be supporting and make sure to present a clear and concise argument.
5. Provide evidence to support your argument: Make sure to provide examples and evidence to support your argument.
6. Write the essay: Follow your outline and make sure to keep your arguments clear and concise.
7. Proofread and edit: Check for any grammar, spelling, punctuation, or formatting mistakes. Additionally, make sure you have included all of the necessary evidence to support your argument.
8. Cite sources: Make sure to include in-text citations and a reference page for any sources you used.





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