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Know Your Rights Written Assignment • This written assignment is required to rec

Know Your Rights Written Assignment
• This written assignment is required to receive graduate credit. Failure to complete and turn in
your assignment by the due date will result in a failing grade for the course, no matter what
grades you have earned on your other coursework.
Assignment: Choose an area of employment or labor law that interests you. This can be a broad
topic such as Title VII or specific topics of interest such as grooming codes. Research the
relevant law and case law on the issue and draft a “Know Your Rights” pamphlet/handout that
can be used to educate others on that issue. Example: https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/
(1) Your document needs to contain 1,000-1,500 words. 500 of which need to be your own
words. In addition, the law you use needs to be cited. You must cite your textbook at least once
in the document. To cite your textbook or a book simply state the book title, the edition, and the
first author. Ensure that websites you reference are government websites or primary sources and
include the hyperlink after the quote.
(2) Create issues that you think might arise in this area of law. Example: “If I have a disability,
what are my rights at work?” (https://www.aclu.org/know-your-rights/disability-rights/) These
can be issues you have read in cases, found in your EEOC press release research for discussions,
issues that you have experienced or seen at work, or just areas that you can see a potential for
issues to arise. You can address as many issues as you would like just be sure to meet the word
count requirements found above.
*After each of these issues perform your IRAC analysis.
(i) Rule(s) of law- State the current law and case law on the issue. Please use the actual
language of the law. Properly cite the law, meaning put the text of the law in quotes and
tell me where you found it (and where your reader can find it if they want to read it
(ii) Application- Use your own words to apply the law you stated to the issue you are
(iii) Conclusion- Spell it out for your reader. Tell them what is and what is not a violation
of the law (ex. Your boss can be a jerk, but he can’t be a jerk by asking for sexual favors
in exchange for a promotion.) Careful here- remember to inform your reader that certain
laws only apply to businesses with a certain number of employees and that there are
filing deadlines they need to be aware of.
End Goal: That by the end of this assignment you know one narrow area of employment law so
well that you can teach it to someone.
Sample Assignment is attached. Please follow that. 

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