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It needs to include and counter argument and rebuttal. You only need to address

It needs to include and counter argument and rebuttal. You only need to address one counterargument. There may be more than one point of opposition for your topic–that is ok! Just choose what you think the most obvious counterargument might be and develop your point around that perspective.
MLA format (see this link for hints and tips regarding MLA)
Typed, double spaced
12-point font, New Times Roman or Arial font type.
Use a minimum of 4 outside sources
Works Cited pages in addition to the 4 full pages. AI disclosure if you used it for any writing support. I would like to see a disclosure included on your Works Cited page.
Develop a clear and concise thesis statement that states your position on the chosen topic.
Give adequate context to help your reader understand the topic and larger conversation.
Support this argument with two to three main points to support your thesis. Organize your arguments logically, providing supporting evidence for each point.
Counterargument and rebuttal:
Address at least one counterargument that exists to your stance on the topic. Refute the counterargument with evidence and persuasive reasoning.
This paper should be written in an essay form
Introduction: Start with a “hook” or attention-grabbing statement, overview the topic, and end with your thesis statement (presentation of your argument)
Context: Include a paragraph where you describe any relevant background information or context about the topic. This might include key historical events, relevant statistics, or important definitions that help readers understand the significance and relevance of the issue you’re addressing in your essay.
Support: Include 2-3 major supporting points, each separated into their own paragraph, that support your argument about your chosen topic. Make connections clear.
Counterarguments: Include at least one paragraph dedicated to identifying a potential counterargument, acknowledging it, then refuting it with evidence that supports your own work.
Conclusion: summarize the main points of your argument and restate your thesis statement. End with a “why it matters” statement or a call to action

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