Irvine Valley College Brain Changing Benefits of Exercise Ted Talk Discussion

Discussion#5 Stress & Exercise


The brain-changing benefits of exercise presented by Wendy Suzuki

2nd Step: EXERCISE

Some of you already exercised during our Zoom Meeting.

If you did not join us, please exercise for a minimum of 30minutes.

24-hour fitness is providing free home exercise videos on youtube. Below is the link for you to check them out.

24-hour fitness link: (链接到外部网站。)


Share in the discussion what you learned in the TED Talk presented by Wendy Suzuki about the relationship between our brain function, mood, and exercise. What impact does the presenter share exercise has on our emotional and social wellbeing? What is the recommended amount of exercise in order for you to gain all of the benefits of exercise? Also, share how you felt while you were exercising? Did you feel any stress? What is your plan to improve or maintain your fitness? Are you going to set any exercise/fitness goals?

Weekly Discussion Board: There will be one discussion each week. In order to receive a full credit towards class participation for each discussion, you must “Reply” to a minimum of two (2) responses from your fellow classmates. Discussions and replies will be judged on the quality of the content (indicating a grasp of the concepts being discussed). Make your posts insightful and original. If your discussion and responses are not posted before each discussion closes, you will not receive credit for the discussion.





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