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Introduction Understanding culture is a critical piece to conducting business op

Understanding culture is a critical piece to conducting
business operations around the globe, and HR practitioners must be prepared to
take their cultural intelligence and incorporate it into the best practices of
managing all HR functions. For this assessment, you will convey the importance
of cross-cultural leadership and resolve a related workplace case study.
This assessment is based on the following scenario:
You and your human resources team work
for a high-tech gaming firm in northern California called Fighting Games.
Fighting Games has offices across Europe and the Pacific Rim and over 1200
employees in more than 50 countries. Among the biggest challenges the members
and leaders of each office face is scheduling meetings in asynchronous time
frames. The New York team and the Shanghai team have been assigned to work on
the same project. The New York team is leading the storyline and the graphics.
The Shanghai team is in charge of special effects and overall integration of
the game. Meetings are scheduled twice a week. The teams have been meeting, but
both teams have been complaining to the executive team. The New York team has
been arriving late and running the meetings much longer than they were
scheduled to last. This has happened over a dozen times. The relationship
between the teams seems strained and not long ago something surprising
happened: the Shanghai team canceled a meeting after the New York Team had
arrived late to the last three.
Consider the following points as you prepare for your
The New York and
Shanghai teams are in different time zones, which makes coordinating meetings
There are two national
cultures involved. Although the American team is multicultural, they have all
lived in the United States most of their lives. The Chinese team is composed of
all Chinese employees.
Write a 3–5 page paper, using correct APA style and format,
on cross-cultural leadership and how this situation might be resolved. Include
the following:
Explain why cultural
intelligence is important for HR practitioners and other organizational
recommendations to develop cultural intelligence. Make three recommendations.
Describe how to respond
and overcome the issues present in this workplace scenario.
Your assessment should meet the following requirements:
Length: 3–5 pages, including references.
communication: Communicate in a
manner that is scholarly and professional. Your writing should be:
Concise and logically
Free of errors in
grammar and mechanics.
and support: Use a minimum of
three relevant and credible scholarly or professional resources such as
the Wall Street Journal to support your work.
formatting: Format all
citations and references in accordance with current APA guidelines.

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Understanding culture is a critical piece to conducting
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