Introduction to Construction Management Report

Module and title: Introduction to Construction Management

Report: Role of Construction Manager in construction management.

word-length: 2500

Write a report on the role of the construction manager.  Discuss the roles, responsibilities, management techniques, behaviour and ethics, health and safety at the workplace (2,500 words).

Using publicly available materials, journals and the recommended core texts, address the following areas:

Define and describe a construction manager

Provide a detailed background of a construction manager.
Discuss 3 roles and responsibilities construction managers play in construction management.

Outline the management techniques employed by construction managers.

Discuss 3 advantages of effective management techniques.
Discuss 3 disadvantages of poor management techniques.
Discuss 3 challenges facing construction managers at their workplaces.

Provide an overview of the behaviours of construction managers at the workplace.

Discuss the ethics guiding construction management.

Provide an overview of health and safety in construction sites. Present details of;

Work at height regulations
Manual handling operations regulations
Construction manager’s role in the management of health and safety at the workplace.

You must reference all sources and information used in the report using the Harvard Referencing Guide.

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