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INTRODUCTION  As a business professional, it is not only essential that you appl

As a business professional, it is not only essential that you apply the principles of
emotional intelligence (EI), but also the principles of cultural intelligence (CI) to positively
impact the effectiveness of an organization. 
In this task, you will address a business scenario for a company that is wanting to become
a more emotionally and culturally intelligent organization. You will be asked to first identify
your own core values and assess whether your values will fit with the organization’s core
values. Then, you will evaluate how you can apply the principles of EI and CI to
successfully work with a diverse group of stakeholders. 
Corollary Marketing is a leadership development company known for its EI training
programs. Corollary was recently hired by Alliah Company’s leadership to conduct
emotional intelligence training for Alliah’s employees. Alliah Company recently received a
rating of 10/100 on the A–Z List of Emotionally Intelligent Companies. 
Company leadership is very concerned that this low rating could significantly impact its
market share, access to talent, and customer satisfaction. This is especially concerning
since Alliah revised its mission, ethics, and corporate social responsibility statements this
Mission Statement: Alliah Company will provide the most innovative products designed by
the best and brightest talent in the technology industry. 
Ethics Statement: Alliah Company is committed to ensuring that all employees, suppliers,
contractors, and any other entities engaged in business with Alliah will do the right thing for
Corporate Social Responsibility Statement: Alliah Company is committed to reducing the
environmental impact of the business. 
In addition to revising its mission, ethics, and corporate social responsibility statements,
Alliah’s leadership wants to create an innovative culture that approaches all ideas as
possible customer solutions that could create the next profitable approach to market
Employees are not surprised by Alliah’s rating of 10/100 on the A–Z List of Emotionally
Intelligent Companies. In recent communications with company leadership, the human
resources team has advised the leadership to consider certain best practices. 
Understanding that employees are valuable not just for their ideas that could
lead to profits but as individuals who are valuable on their own merits, can
improve morale. 
Increasing the diversity of the company’s employees, suppliers, and
contractors could better reflect the customers that purchase Alliah’s products. 
Reducing resistance to allowing employees to work remotely requires
reconsidering expressed concerns over not being able to manage employees’
productivity if they work outside of the office. 
Changing the way employees communicate with leadership from a chain of
command approach of working through managers to having avenues for
meeting with leadership could open communication channels and increase
Corollary’s EI training session will be coordinated by the employees’ managers, and
company leadership will not be in attendance. The leadership is expecting that the result of
the training will be a move towards their desire for a culture of innovation, and that the next
year’s rating on the A–Z List of Emotionally Intelligent Companies will be significantly
You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides
detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be
evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks
to relevant portions of the course. 
A. Explain your top four core values (e.g., accountability, honesty, integrity, respect,
loyalty, fairness, etc.) with detail on why they are personally meaningful. 
B. Evaluate how each of your four core values from part A align or misalign to Alliah’s
values and social responsibility. 
C. Evaluate how EI and CI impacts interactions within the Alliah Company by doing the
1. Explain two potential ways the Alliah’s leadership will improve their cultural
intelligence by working with a more diverse group of stakeholders. 
2. Explain, with a specific example, how you would overcome a potential challenge
that may arise when working with Alliah’s diverse group of stakeholders. 
3. Explain how an aspect of Hofstede’s six-dimensions of culture can help you
respectfully communicate with Alliah’s diverse work culture.
Note: Identify one of Hofstede’s six dimensions (Power Distance, Individualism
versus Collectivism, Masculinity versus Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long
versus Short Term Orientation, or Indulgence versus Restraint). Then, provide a
detailed explanation of how someone within the organization could communicate,
accommodate, and/or interact with others using the concepts that specifically apply
to the selected dimension, given the corporation’s diverse work culture. 
D. Acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted,
paraphrased, or summarized. 
E. Demonstrate professional communication in the content and presentation of your

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