International Health and Development

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International Health and Development

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Word Count : 2500 words

Learning Outcomes

Critically analyse the development of health systems.Critically evaluate national and local responses to Universal Health Coverage

Assessment Guidelines

Include and cover the following sections/aspects and content. The  specific percentage marks allocated to each  section/aspect of your work is stated below


Provide a brief introduction which should  highlight the need for UHC and then provide your  aims.


Define universal health coverage and link it to SDG 3. Provide an overview of the WHO building blocks for health system development and how these relate to UHC. 


Consider the challenges of health system  development in LMIC – this could be related to  your own country/setting, and propose  evidencebased (part of) solutions to address the  identified challenges and thus improve health  system of a setting/country;   Critically evaluate national/ local responses to  Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in your  country/setting: for example, this could focus on  financing arrangements, service provision, primary  health care focus, and by referring to identified  weaknesses of the UHC indicate how those  limitations could be eliminated or reduced.


Effective summary of the critical discussion points

Presentation and Referencing

High quality presentation that conforms to  principles of academic writing and contains  minimal errors in sentence construction, grammar  and punctuation. The assignment followed  appropriate academic conventions regarding in text citations and referencing.

The post International Health and Development first appeared on Krita Infomatics.

The post International Health and Development appeared first on Krita Infomatics.

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