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Instructions Beginning to Think about Applied Ethics Before beginning this paper

Beginning to Think about Applied Ethics
Before beginning this paper, make sure that you have completed Module 1 and chosen your Applied Ethics topic (animal rights, euthanasia, or global poverty). It is also highly recommended that you have read Byrd’s “How to Write a Philosophy Paper.” This paper is worth 10% of your grade in this course. Make sure to follow the following instructions.
In this paper, you will begin to defend your own view on your applied ethics topic. To do this, you must briefly explain your applied ethics topic and then write a clear thesis statement that states your own view. After giving your thesis statement, you need to explain why you have this position. So, explain two or three reasons that you think support your view. 
This paper will be graded on content, not length. That being said, you should aim for 1-2 pages. If your paper is too short, you won’t have included all of the assignment’s necessary portions. Your paper should include an introduction, paragraphs devoted to the reasons for your position, and a conclusion. If your paper seems to be a bit long, make sure every word is necessary. You should be able to explain the concepts succinctly as well as clearly.
This is not a research paper, so you should not need to use any sources outside the course materials. However, you may want to refer to sources on your topic to support your position. If you do, make sure you cite them properly. You may use any style that you prefer (APA, MLA, etc.), as long as you are consistent. This should be your own work. Do not plagiarize. See the Syllabus for my policy on this.
Introduction (15 pts)
Your introduction should briefly explain the applied ethics topic discussed in the paper and effectively engage the reader’s attention. You should end your introduction with a clear statement of your view (your thesis statement).
Support (15 pts)
The body of the paper should present and explain two-three reasons that you think support your position. These reasons should be appropriately connected to your argument – the reasons that you give provide evidence for thinking that your position (as presented in your thesis statement) is true. If outside sources are needed, they are included appropriately (e.g., sources are used when needed, when they are used – no excessive quotation)
Conclusion (5 pts)
Your conclusion should succinctly and clearly summarize the topic discussed in your paper, and it should include a restatement of your thesis.
Overall Readability and Mechanics (5 pts)
Your paper should be free of spelling and grammatical errors, and any sources used should be cited. Make sure you use natural and appropriate word choice.
Overall Structure and Organization (5 pts)
In your paper, make sure that the structure and organization of the paper make your ideas clear. Discussion of different topics should be clearly indicated in the text, and there should be smooth transitions between sections, easy for the reader to follow throughout.
The originality of Thought (5 pts)
The paper demonstrates original and creative critical thinking.
Notes of formatting: Make sure to use 12 pt font, regular margins, and 1 1/2 to double-spacing.

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Beginning to Think about Applied Ethics
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