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In this course, you’ve been exposed to the different competitive markets. At one

In this course, you’ve been exposed to the different competitive markets. At one extreme—perfect competition—many firms are all trying to sell identical products. At the other extreme—monopoly—only one firm is selling the product, and this firm faces no competition. Monopolistic competition and oligopoly fall between the extremes of perfect competition and monopoly. Monopolistic competition is a situation with many firms selling similar, but not identical products. Oligopoly is a situation with few firms that sell identical or similar products. 
Conduct additional research. For guidance on finding, selecting, and evaluating scholarly, peer-reviewed resources, please refer to the NLU Library’s Research Process guide and/or make an appointment with a librarian! Respond to the following discussion prompts. In your answer be sure to draw on all relevant readings and videos in this week’s materials.  Also, be sure to provide examples to support your answers.
Identify the four market structures and the characteristics that define those market structures.  Provide an example of a firm/industry in each of these market structures.  
Select one of your favorite firms.  Explain which market structure this firm operates in.  Use your answer to the previous question to support your explanation.   
Are there firms/industries that have changed or are in the process of changing the market structure they operate in?  Provide examples and an explanation of your choice.  
After completing your initial post, review and post critiques/insights/reactions of a minimum of 200 words each to at least two of your colleagues’ postings on different days. This is a minimum requirement.  Remember to respond to any questions or requests for additional information from you from your classmates and your instructor. 
Your posts to your classmates might consist of:  
Did you find something interesting that your classmate said that you didn’t think about?  
Did you have any follow up questions to your classmate’s postings? 
Do you have any alternative viewpoints that reflect your learning in this course or another course in the program? 
Discussion Instructions:
Your initial post (a minimum of  400 words) should address each question in the discussion directions and is due by 11:59

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