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In this assignment, you are tasked with creating a comprehensive Work Breakdown

In this assignment, you are tasked with creating a comprehensive Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the development of a Virtual Reality (VR) classroom. This project aims to utilize VR technology to enhance educational environments, focusing on detailed planning and cost-effective implementation. Your WBS should methodically outline all necessary tasks and subtasks required from the inception to the deployment of this VR classroom.
Learning Outcomes:
CLO A: Demonstrate an understanding of engineering economics concepts and applications by integrating cost considerations and economic feasibility into your project planning. (MLO 1)
CLO B, C: Apply cost engineering methods and cost management techniques to estimate and manage project costs effectively. (MLO 1, 2)
CLO E: Utilize modern software packages to create a detailed and structured WBS. (MLO 2)
CLO F: Effectively communicate the reasoning and strategic planning behind your project management decisions. (MLO 3)
This assignment assesses course-level objectives (CLO) and the associated module-level objectives (MLO).
Research and Planning:
Conduct thorough research on VR technology and the infrastructural needs for a VR classroom.
Consider all elements such as hardware, software, content development, and support systems.
Create the WBS:
Employ a modern project management software package of Microsoft Project to design your WBS.
Your WBS should be hierarchical and detailed, including at least three levels of tasks and subtasks.
Clearly define and label each task and subtask to reflect precise management and organization.
Accompany your WBS with a 50-100 word explanation that:
Outlines the rationale for the structure of your WBS.
Discusses how your plan addresses both the technical and cost management aspects of the project.
Highlights any assumptions or special considerations that influenced your project planning.
Submission Requirements:
WBS Image: A clear and organized image of your WBS.
Explanation Document: A written explanation as detailed above.
Assessment Criteria:
Alignment with CLOs: How effectively the assignment demonstrates the specified Course Learning Outcomes.
Detail and Completeness: The extent to which the WBS covers all necessary components of the VR classroom project.
Cost Engineering Application: The integration and effectiveness of cost estimation and management within the project planning.
Clarity of Communication: The quality and clarity of the written explanation in articulating project planning and strategic decisions.
Software Utilization: Proficiency in using specified software tools for project visualization and planning.
i need to use Microsoft project to design my WBS
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