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In the competitive hospitality industry, a clear and compelling positioning stat

In the competitive hospitality industry, a clear and compelling positioning statement is crucial for distinguishing a new hotel or restaurant in the market. This assignment involves developing a positioning statement for a hypothetical new hospitality establishment. By crafting a well-defined positioning statement, you will learn how to communicate the unique value proposition of their hypothetical business, highlighting what sets it apart from competitors and resonates with the target audience.
Develop a positioning statement for a hypothetical new hotel or restaurant. The statement should clearly articulate the business’s unique value proposition, target market, and the key benefits it offers.
Rubric for Positioning Statement:
Criteria Excellent (90-100%) Good (75-89%) Satisfactory (60-74%) Needs Improvement (0-59%)
Clarity of Statement The positioning statement is clear, concise, and effectively communicates the unique value proposition. The statement is clear and communicates the value proposition with minor issues. The statement is somewhat clear but may lack conciseness or clarity in parts. The statement is unclear and fails to communicate the value proposition effectively.
Identification of Target Market Clearly identifies and articulates the target market, with specific characteristics and needs. Identifies the target market with some specific characteristics. Identifies the target market but lacks specificity. Fails to clearly identify the target market.
Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Strongly highlights what sets the business apart from competitors, with specific examples. Highlights the unique aspects with some specific examples. Mentions unique aspects but lacks detailed examples. Fails to highlight unique aspects or provide specific examples.
Key Benefits Clearly outlines the key benefits offered to customers, supported by compelling reasons. Outlines key benefits with some supporting reasons. Mentions key benefits but lacks compelling support. Fails to clearly outline key benefits.
Alignment with Business Strategy The statement aligns well with the overall business strategy and objectives. The statement aligns with the business strategy with minor inconsistencies. The statement shows some alignment but may have significant inconsistencies. The statement does not align well with the business strategy.
Creativity and Originality The positioning statement is highly creative and original, effectively differentiating the business. The statement is creative and original, with some differentiation. The statement shows some creativity but lacks strong differentiation. The statement lacks creativity and does not differentiate the business.
Professionalism and Presentation The statement is professionally written and presented, with no grammatical errors. The statement is well-written and presented, with minor grammatical errors. The statement is adequately written but contains several grammatical errors. The statement is poorly written and presented, with numerous grammatical errors.

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