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In order to advance and expand clinical practice and knowledge, one must describ

In order to advance and expand clinical practice and knowledge, one must describe the current nursing practice in the context of a clinical exemplar. A clinical exemplar is a first-person story written by the PMHNP student that describes a specific clinical event or situation that occurred during the clinical training experience.
Writing a clinical exemplar allows the PMHNP student to describe and illustrate his/her current clinical practice in a way that can be easily shared and discussed with professional colleagues. Because it provides insight into an individual’s current clinical practice, the clinical exemplar is an important component of the advancing clinical practice and practice knowledge. Additionally, the exemplar can help clinicians examine and reflect upon their clinical practice and then analyze a particular clinical situation or event.
When developing and writing a clinical exemplar, choose a clinical event or situation that occurred during your practicum experience. This event or situation should hold special meaning for you and that reflects your practice.
For example:
An experience with a patient, family, or colleague that illustrates how your intervention or treatment made a difference in the patient outcome
A clinical experience that was particularly demanding
An event or situation that you think captures the essence of psychiatric-mental health nursing
A situation that you encounter in your practicum and that gave you new insight into the PMHNP role. The situation should include details and information that help others to visualize the situation and understand the context.
Elements to include in the exemplar are:
Information about yourself, including your past experience in psychiatric-mental health nursing, the clinical setting, the types of patients you were treating.
A detailed description of what happened, including the outcome
What your concerns were at the times
Descriptions of your thoughts and feelings during and after the situation
What courses of action were considered but not pursued
Conversations you had with the patient, family, or other treatment team members.
Reflections on why this clinical event or situation was meaningful to you
What you learned from this experience
was there any change in perspective?
voice over PowerPoint also needed
PowerPoint Presentation of Clinical Exemplar with voice over
Each student will create a PPT with a voice-over that highlights the clinical exemplar.
1.) Slide with title and name (2 points)
2.) Identify and describe the clinical event or situation (5 points)
3.) Identify clinical setting (inpatient, outpatient, long term care, ect) (3 points)
4.) Describe why this situation was meaningful to you (10 points)
5.) How did you feel about this situation (10 points)
6.) Identify the challenge you faced (5 points)
7.) What did you do in this situation? (5 points)
8.) How did your intervention or treatment effect the outcome (10 points)
8.) Why is this situation significant to psychiatric advanced practice nursing? (10 points)
9.) What insight did you gain in relation to the PMHNP role? (10 points)
10.) What did you learn? (5 points)
11.) How did this experience change your perspective or treatment approach? (10 points)
12.) Clarity and presentation of slide and voice-over (2 points)
13.) Spelling and grammar (3 points)

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