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Importance of ethical standards in scientific research

Throughout this course, you have learned and explored the role and importance of ethical standards in scientific research. For this assessment, imagine your manager has tasked you with investigating hiring practices to help create a more diverse work environment at your organization. Your manager would like you to find empirically-based practices (evident in current peer-reviewed journal articles of scientific studies) that resulted in improvements in workplace diversity for teams and organizations. 

Imagine that the organization where you work would like you to look into hiring practices to help create a more diverse work environment. They would like you to research study-backed practices that resulted in improvements in workplace diversity for teams and organizations.

Locate a research study published on this topic in the University Library. Recall what you have learned about how to identify a peer-reviewed research article to help in your search. I recommend you review all of the requirements of this assignment before making your final selection – ensure the one you choose will help you clearly address the prompts.

Evaluate the methods of the research and the results against the standards in APA Ethical Principles in Section 8, Research and Publication. Refer to Chapter 3, “Research in Psychology: An Ethical Enterprise” from your textbook for the APA Ethical Principles in Section 8.

Write a paper in APA format that addresses the following – each section should have its own heading in your APA-formatted paper:

Study Information:

Summary: Summarize the study in 75-125 words.

Methods: Explain the research methods used in 100-150 words.

Results: Summarize the results of the research in 100-150 words.

APA Section 8 Standards:

Identify the APA Section 8 standards that apply to this study in 150-200 words.

Support your answers with details of the study.

Evaluation of Performance on Ethical Standards

How well did the researchers do in observing the ethical standards that applied to their study?

Are there any standards they handled exceptionally well, or ones they could have paid more attention to?

Explain your answers in 150-200 words.


Based on your examination of your chosen study and the researchers’ performance on ethical aspects of the study, would you recommend that your organization use this study? Why or why not?

Explain your responses in 150-200 words.

Cite your sources in the body of your writing and reference any current scholarly sources used to support your assignment. At a minimum two sources should be present: the article you selected AND your textbook, though more can be used if applicable. This means your selected article and your textbook (along with any other sources used) should be included on a reference page at the end of your paper, and then cited in your paragraphs as appropriate, all in APA format.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, including the reference list and in-text citations.

Link for research study. https://www.emerald.com/insight/content/doi/10.1108/CG-01-2022-0048/full/html

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