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Implementation and Maintenance Plan for Healthy Harvest App

the Healthy Harvest Implementation and Maintenance Plan Template to prepare a 5- to 6-page APA formatted Word document for implementation and maintenance activities (integration, testing, and verification processes) for the new Healthy Harvest app. Strive for 750 to 1000 words for the body of the assignment with the title page and reference page being additional verbiage. It is okay to go longer than this recommendation.
The template includes sections for you to document the following information:
Recommend an implementation strategy for the app, including testing and verification processes. The implementation strategy must describe which delivery method will be used: direct, parallel, single-location, or phased. Support your recommendation by explaining the advantages of the process.
Outline the documentation requirements, which include instructions on using the system, training the users, and technology support for the users.
Outline the maintenance and support recommendations of the store app. Include:
Required changes
The title page includes the name of the assignment, your name, and the date the assignment is due. Add the references to the bottom of the template using a separate page.  To insert a new page in Word, place your cursor where the new page is to go, then go to Insert, Pages, Page Break.

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