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Identify a Real-World Company: Choose a real-world company that you are interest

Identify a Real-World Company:
Choose a real-world company that you are interested in or familiar with. This can be from any industry, such as technology, healthcare, retail, etc.
Analyze the Company’s External Environment:
Identify External Sectors: Identify and describe the key external sectors influencing the company’s environment. These might include the industry sector, raw materials sector, market sector, human resources sector, international sector, government sector, natural sector, sociocultural sector, economic conditions, technology sector, and financial resources sector.
Task Environment: Describe the task environment, which includes the sectors with which the organization interacts directly.
General Environment: Describe the general environment, which includes sectors that indirectly influence the organization.
International Environment: Discuss how the international sector affects the company, if applicable.
Evaluate Environmental Uncertainty:
Complexity: Discuss the complexity of the company’s environment, referring to the number and dissimilarity of external elements affecting the organization.
Dynamism: Evaluate the stability or instability of the company’s environment.
Framework for Uncertainty: Use the simple-complex and stable-unstable dimensions to assess the level of uncertainty in the company’s environment.
Propose Adaptation Strategies:
Structural Adaptations: Suggest how the company might adapt its internal structure to better fit the external environment. Consider adding positions and departments, building relationships, and incorporating boundary-spanning roles.
Control of Financial Resources: Discuss techniques the company can use to control financial resources in the external environment, such as forming joint ventures, acquiring ownership stakes, and using advertising and public relations.
Write a Report:
Format: Write a well-organized report that covers the following sections:
Introduction: Briefly introduce the company and the purpose of your analysis.
External Environment Analysis: Detail your analysis of the company’s external environment.
Environmental Uncertainty Evaluation: Discuss the complexity and dynamism of the company’s environment and assess the level of uncertainty.
Adaptation Strategies: Propose strategies for the company to adapt to environmental uncertainty.
Conclusion: Summarize your findings and recommendations.
Length: Aim for a comprehensive analysis, approximately 5 pages.
References: Include citations for any sources used in your analysis.

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Choose a real-world company that you are interest appeared first on essaynook.com.

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