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I have attached the articles but I dont have the textbook on hand.  “Sociology:

I have attached the articles but I dont have the textbook on hand. 
“Sociology: The Essentials” 10th Edition by margaret anderson is the textbook so I need a writer who has it already or has access to it. 
I have attached attached the articles that are necessary in addition to the textbook.
the instructions are very specfic so please read below….
The formal writing requirement for the class is to complete ALL five (5) questions thoroughly and to demonstrate your knowledge of key sociological concepts you’ve learned throughout the session.  There are  questions with specific directions to follow and expectations to fulfill.  Make sure that you proofread your work for writing errors.  Please complete the assignment by number and not in an essay format.  While this assignment may seem less formal than a research paper every student is expected to try to produce collegiate level research, inquiry, and analysis.   You MUST use your required textbook when answering questions dealing with ALL sociological terminologies, concepts, theories and provide in-text citations with page numbers where you located them in the textbook.  Any answers that produce terminologies not specific to the textbook raises red flags about a student’s use of AI to complete their assignment.  Any answers that do not have a corroborating page number from the text or retrievable information gained from one of the supplemental articles earn zero points.  Any answer using nebulous concepts not specific to our textbook or our course materials will earn zero points.  
There is no minimum or maximum wordcount expectation.  When you have answered the questions with care and have confidently demonstrated your grasp of the sociological knowledge then you are done.  I do not think these questions require ten pages to accurately address the expectations, nor do I think they can be thoroughly addressed in two pages of analysis.   Be purposeful in what you submit and answer what is asked.  
Complete all FIVE Questions (You can do them by number)
1.   According to C. Wright Mills, what is the promise of sociology?  Why do you think the sociological imagination is an important “trait” for an individual to develop?  Do personal troubles have any connection to social issues?  Use specific examples for Mills’ piece to substantiate your answer. (15 points)
2.  Women’s suffrage in the United States was a hot button issue that culminated in the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution in August, 1920.  At the time, how do you think Functionalism would address the issue of women voting and participating in the political process and why?  If someone stepped forward in a public forum and worked to repeal the Nineteenth Amendment in 2024, how would Functionalism interpret that pursuit? What would Conflict theory say? (20 points)
3.  What type of methodology did Mitch Duneier employ in his study of the homeless and why?  Do you think what he did is ethical? Why or why not? (15 points)
4. In the article, Barbie Girls vs. the Sea Monsters by Michael Messner, there are several sociological dynamics occurring.  a.) In the article, specifically describe two examples of traditional gender socialization.  b.) From the observations made in the article how might a sociologist debunk the idea that boys are more biologically or naturally predisposed to aggressive behavior and why the boys’ behavior seems to be the product of nurturing social expectation?  c.) Identify and briefly explain the presence of the six major agents of socialization in the article.  (25 points)
5.  From Richard Wright’s article, The Ethics of Living Jim Crow, thoroughly describe a racist encounter he has through each stage of his life course (his childhood, as a young man, and into his adulthood).  What part do you think his primary socialization played in his life?  After doing some independent research on Mr. Wright, what impact did he have on Civil Rights?  *This question requires an acceptable source.  Hint: Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source.  (25 points)

The post I have attached the articles but I dont have the textbook on hand. 
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