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I.   exam release date: 7.11 2:00pm II.  The exam consists of 5 Identifications/

I.   exam release date: 7.11 2:00pm
II.  The exam consists of 5 Identifications/definitions based on lectures and readings. You will write on ONLY 3 of these identifications.
III. The responses must be in short essay format and include the following:
Why (significance) Make sure you think critically of the significance. For example, why is the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo important? What were the ramification of the Treaty?
IV.  You can ONLY use lecture notes and class assigned readings in your responses.
V.  Length of a response should be approximately half a typed page, single spaced or a full page double spaced.
VI. Citations:
Each ID must have 2 citations. One from your class assigned readings and another from lecture.
Your lecture citation must include: professor’s last name, the date the lecture was delivered, and title of lecture in parenthesis. Please use this example: (Márquez, “Mexican Independence to the Alamo,” 8-11-20).
Your class assigned reading citation must include: author’s last name and page numbers inside parenthesis suffices. Please use this example: (Gutiérrez, 34).
VII. No Works Cited Page/Bibliography needed.
VIII.  The Final covers lectures from weeks four to six.
IX.  Please be sure to turn in your typed response on Canvas by the deadline indicated above.
X.  Identifications:
week one reading files:
Week One, Spanish Conquest & La Maliche
Kattunen, Rethinking Malinche
CHI 10 La Malinche transcription
CHI 10, Conquest of Northern Frotier, Transcript
Week Two, New Spain & Spanish Frontier.ppt
week two reading files:
American Conquest.ppt
Guardino, In the Name of Civilization.pdf
Weder, Foreigners in their Native Land.pdf
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.pdf
CHI 10 | Week 3 | Manifest Destiny and Mexican American War.docx
Castaneda, Engendering the History of Alta California.pdf
week 3 reading files:
CHI 10 | Week 5 | Mexican Revolution and Mexican Exodus.docx
Week Three, Mexican Revolution and Mass Exodus.ppt
Sanchez, Becoming Mexican American, Ch 2.pdf

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II.  The exam consists of 5 Identifications/ appeared first on essaynook.com.

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