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I attached the NON-PROFIT idea which is what this whole assignment is about, alo

I attached the NON-PROFIT idea which is what this whole assignment is about, along with additional help with formal proposals. 
-This assignment requires you to combine the technical skills you are gaining this semester with well-researched information to produce a formal planning proposal draft for a local non-profit of your choice. 
-This assignment aims to ensure that:  1) you can concisely articulate your proposal idea and supporting elements in an abstract; 2) you can effectively write introductory matters for a formal planning proposal; and 3). you can craft the structure/sections for the remainder of a formal planning proposal (though you will not have to complete them).
-You will create a template document – page for page, section for section – of a formal planning proposal.  You are only required to complete (i.e. fully write) your letter of transmittal, abstract, and all introduction sections:  all other section narratives can be left blank as long as the headings (and any sub-headings) are there. Include 3 authoritative sources in your works cited section (your org should be one and the others can be sources you would use in the plan section).  Use the list below as a checklist to ensure all required sections are complete before submitting your document.

letter of transmittal (completely fill out).  Use your address, left justified instead of letterhead at the top of the example.
title page (completely fill out)
table of contents (completely fill out)
abstract (complete REVISED draft of your “Abstract” assignment)
introduction (complete draft with all of the following sections:  overview, background, statement of problem, need, scope)
plan (template of sections, including sub-sections, including but not limited to  methods, timeline, budget table, budget narrative, personnel, feasibility)
conclusion (blank)
works cited (one citation for your org’s website and 2 other authoritative sources)  
Follow the Figure 22.4 book example for formatting.  You do not have to fill in any content/narrative in this template document except the letter of transmittal, abstract, and all introduction sections
Informative abstract: Revise your informative abstract based on what you think your proposal will contain, keeping in mind that an abstract is meant to “encapsulate the entire document
Remember to include in-text citations as appropriate.

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