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I already have the outline and sources for my paper done if you take a look at t

I already have the outline and sources for my paper done if you take a look at the attachment. You don’t have to follow the outline perfectly some parts of it are rough. The sources are not done in MLA format yet, I would prefer if you use the sources I’ve given you.  I just need it written according to the directions given below. One more thing in the paper I need to do that is not mentioned in the directions, I need three specific graphic design examples for each designer for the formal analysis section along with selecting 3 formal elements used by both (shape, color, typography, composition, contrast, figure/ground relationship). In the sources, the two top website links are the works you can choose from the two designers. Pictures of the works you chose to talk about also need to be included in the paper. 
The Academic Research Paper, 5–6 pages, minimum 1,250-word count to 1,500-word count, double-spaced, 12-point type, one-inch margins. Images should be placed near the paragraph referring to the image or following your bibliographic format requirements.
Compare and contrast two graphic designers—historical or contemporary—discuss their philosophies, historical context, and specific work—visual formal analysis and critical analysis. Relate the two graphic designers or topic to the history of graphic design in a meaningful and relevant way. 
Requirements for the Academic Research Paper
5–6 pages, double-spaced, 1″ margins. Times New Roman, 12-point type is widely accepted in academia. Research papers should be written objectively in the third person, though essay form is acceptable. Approximate word count is 250 words per page double-spaced = ~1,250–1,500 words.
MLA is preferred, Chicago Style is acceptable. Include headings, page numbers, and other recommended style guidelines. EasyBib is a great resource for bibliography formatting.
At least 6 sources, 4 of which must be books or articles. Contact me or a librarian for help with research. Meggs is a good point of departure but does not count as a source.
Avoid Wikipedia and the website, “famousgraphicdesigners.org” as these are not independently peer-reviewed, and the authors are not listed.
Annotated Bibliography is optional.
Respected design blogs are acceptable.
Research Guides are posted on many library websites, but I encourage you to ask questions about the research process as well as sources.
Endnotes or footnotes cite all your quotations and information. See the appropriate style guide used, such as Chicago or MLA, but any time you refer to a work, whether it’s a direct quote or just a reference, you need to cite the work to avoid plagiarism.
Figures: you must use at least three visual examples for each designer or design movement, placed after the body of the paper (5–6 pages) or near the paragraph reference. Citations, figures, and captions are needed. Follow your bibliographic format.
Submit the final paper using D2L with Turnitin—anti-plagiarism software. Turnitin is automatically applied on D2L.
Since this course uses writing as a way to learn content, the use of ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence is limited to note-taking. Original writing is required for all of the assignments turned in. Each assignment presents ways to consider the topic. Your unique perspective about the topic is what you are graded on. Any found use of ChatGPT or other artificial intelligence in any assignments will result in a zero for that assignment.

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