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based on this: ”
What have you done?
I have finished writing the book about mental health awareness and currently trying to get it published which should last about a month and a half for this to process.  Then the next steps would include making a presentation which I already have an outline for and trying to present proposals to schools to present the slideshow about the importance of mental health while also including in this presentation certain questions about how kids feel that certain aspects relating to  mental health have been throughout their lives and to what extent do they feel aware of these. I have also started to interview and ask certain questions, especially on the subject of psychologists on specific areas of mental health that I should be focusing on and the ones that are more or less easier to report, and what type of questions I should formulate 
What have you learned?
Through the writing process, I have learned how to implement terminology in regards to psychology in a way that is easy to understand and try to synthesize information for younger audiences to grasp but the importance of mental health especially in regards to self-esteem and a person’s feelings. I have also learned the different coping mechanisms that a person needs to implement to help themselves improve their perception of their cells as well as what different techniques Professionals in the field use to address and identify causes of negative perceptions of oneself 
What are your next steps?
My next steps are To finish collaborating with an NGO that specializes in providing mental health and interview the workers and the head of the NGO to understand what type of situations and the impact they believe they’ve had on their Community as well as the changing perception that they aim to produce in the community and also explain why it’s important in especially Peru for us to work towards Mental Health 

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