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Hello! this is what my proffesor asked to write for the research paper  Choose a

Hello! this is what my proffesor asked to write for the research paper 
Choose a company from the S&P 500 list and answer ALL the questions listed in the document attached.  Prepare the final version of your paper as described.
You can see the list of companies in the S&P500 here: https://www.liberatedstocktrader.com/sp-500-companies-list-alphabetically-sorted/ 
I choose 
NFLX Netflix, Inc. Technology Services
Submission format
The following specifies the format of the case report and its sequence. If the report is not in this format, it will not be accepted. Partial submission should follow this format as much as possible.
1) The report should NOT be in outline form. If it is in outline form, you can expect that the report will be returned and asked to be resubmitted in paragraph form.
Entries with italic font in the outline must have a section heading in your report.
3) The order of parts for submission is Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, then Section 4.
The Company Research report should proceed as follows:
1 Basic information and should include the following:
1.1 Market capitalization on (or after) February 1, 2022.
1.2 Industry and sector (as classified by S&P).
1.3 Who are the current top management team for this company (2 or 3).
1.4 Cite your source for 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3
1.5 Any other factoids that you find interesting (perhaps the company history).
2 Company performance
2.1 Revenue, net-income, and total asset for year 2020 and 2019.
2.1.1  Use a table to shorten the discussion.
2.1.2  Mention at least one number from the table in the discussion..
2.1.3  Move the table to the Appendix and make sure you refer to it.
2.2 Top three (unless confirmed with me) sources of revenue for this company.
2.2.1  For each source identify:
2.2.2  Total revenue or percentage of total revenue from this source
2.2.3  The source may be a single product, a product category, a division, brand,
or geographic location, 
2.2.4  The source may NOT be a time period.
2.3 Cite your source for 2.1 and 2.2
2.4 Best information (guess) on the dominating company structure.
2.4.1  Decided on one of the following organization structure:
2.4.2  Functional, Geographic, Product, Market, Matrix, Product Team,
2.4.3  or Multi-Divisional structure.  Back up your guess with discussion
2.4.4  by presenting evidence using materials from section 1.2.2
2.4.5  or using a source (the source is the evidence).
2.5 How does this company add value for their customers.
2.5.1  Describe the importance of their product   (must include this discussion) 2.5.2  What is their total cost of revenue?    or
2.5.3  What is their gross markup in percentage?    or
2.5.4  What is their business model?    or
2.5.5  What is their mission statement?
3 Company environment
3.1 Identify two or more major domestic (U.S.) competitors
3.2 Compare and contrast this company against its competitors
3.2.1  Which company has more revenue
3.2.2  Which company has more net-income
3.2.3  Which company controls more assets
3.2.4  Which company has more employees
3.2.5  If the company is geographic based, where does this company
generate most of its revenue?
3.2.6  Create a table.  Use at least one number in the discussion.
3.2.7  Move this table to the Appendix and make sure you refer to it.
3.2.7  Remember to cite your sources
3.3 Identify any special regulations that this company adheres to.
3.4 Identify if the company have any foreign competitors
4 SWOT and Recommendation
4.1 Use EBSCOhost to retrieve the SWOT analysis report for
4.1.1  year 2021 and 2020 for this company
4.1.2  year 2021 for one domestic competitor identified in section 3
4.1.3  Create a table to illustrate the 3 SWOT analysis reports.
4.1.4  Move this table to the Appendix and make sure you refer to it.
4.1.5  Remember to cite your sources
4.2 Answer/Discuss the following questions for this section:
4.2.1  Did the company addressed any weakness or threat since 2020?
4.2.2  Is the company stronger or better chance to succeed than its competitor?
4.2.3  Discuss if you prefer to work for this company or its competitor?
4.2.4  Discuss if you prefer to invest in this company or its competitor?
5 Appendix/Citation/Bibliography
5.1 There should be a page with just the word “Appendix”
5.1.1 The “Appendix” page should appear before all exhibits and citations
5.1.2 Anything tables, charts, graphs from sections 1 and 2 may be put it here.
5.1.3 Remember to list them in the order of appearance.
5.1.4 You can use Table 1.2 for section 1, 2nd table
5.1.5 Or Exhibit C (provided exhibit A and B are identified before)
5.2 Add your Information Literacy certificates
5.2.1 Information Literacy certificates should appear after all of the tables.
5.2.2 Additionally, Information Literacy certificates should appear before the citations.
5.3 Citation/Bibliography should be the last item.
5.3.1 Use the Vancouver System (VS) for sections 1 and 2
5.3.2 VS style is a superscript enumber at the end of the sentence like 
5.3.3 For section 4, the citations should be in APA format.
5.3.4 use http://www.citationmachine.net/apa/cite-a-website/manual as a guide
Trend analysis formula
If revenue in 2015 is $5.55B and revenue in 2014 is $4.32B then the trend is computed as:
Trend= ($5.55B – $4.32B / $4.32B) x 100

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