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Discussion Boards (DBs) The point of these boards is to create an ongoing conversation so be sure to check back on your posts and respond to the ongoing threads. 1. Post your answers to the questions and respond to at least three responses to your questions from your classmates. Be sure to support your comments to colleagues with references (with page numbers) from class readings to earn the maximum number of points for your work. 2. Over the course of a session, candidates participate in the discussion on at least 3 different days. 3. All required posts are posted before the end of the session to earn the maximum number of points. While the DB will remain open for two weeks after the end of the Module there will be penalties for posts made after the DB is due. 4. Please check the syllabus and rubric for details on discussion board expectations.5. Post one thread and respond to three of your classmates with references to the class readings (including page numbers) to support your comments. Read the Rubric to know what you need to do in your Discussion Boards to earn the maximum number of points for your work. See the Canvas Support Module in the Modules link for more information. Remember,*You must make in-text citations (with PAGE NUMBERS) when you are using other resources for your answers from the module and other resources. *You must also write a reference section at the end of all your posts. DB#1 Prompts-Family Literacy1)What is Family Literacy and why is it important to develop for a Pre-K Teacher?2) In what ways in class and outside of class/home can and are you, as a teacher, encourage family involvement in Literacy/Family Literacy? If you are not a teacher you can relate your experiences as a Parent and what you experienced through their schooling along with adding in your own ideas as well as using resources found in Module Resources on Canvas. After you are done please provide me with a plagirism report. Early Literacy in Preschool and Kindergarten: A Multicultural Perspective,3rd or 4th edition by Janice Beaty & Linda Pratt, Publisher: Pearson

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