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Graded Discussion: DeMorgan’s Laws

A minimum of two posts is required.
You must give a detailed solution for each part in your first post to get full credit. It is not enough to just give the final answer. You must show steps or explain your reasoning. If it is easier, you can write your solution out on paper, take a picture, and upload it to the discussion as a pdf file. The pdf file type is the only file type that will be accepted.
You will be able to see other students’ posts once you post your own solution. Review their responses to determine if they agree with your own.
For your second post, reply to your own post. Don’t worry! You will not lose points for an incorrect answer in your first post as long as you post a reply with the correct answer in your second post.
Complete required posts by the posted deadline.

Part 1: Prepare

In both the Set Theory Module (A.3-7 DeMorgan’s Laws for Sets) and the Logic Module (B.2-6 DeMorgan’s Laws for Logic), DeMorgan’s Laws are discussed. Reread each lesson.
Part 2: First Post
Title your post: Student’s DeMorgan’s Laws Post

Answer each question:

[2 pts] State both of DeMorgan’s Laws for Sets. Are the results of item 1 consistent with DeMorgan’s Laws for Sets? Explain.[2 pts] State both of DeMorgan’s Laws for Logic. Explain, in your own words, how these laws correspond to DeMorgan’s Laws for Sets.
Part 3: Second Post

After you have posted, you will be able to see other student’s posts. You may respond to your classmates and/or ask them questions (optional). Review the posts of your classmates, then post a reply to your own post stating whether or not you would like to add, change, or clarify anything in your original post. [2 pts]

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