GERM 1171 UCONN Lola Rennt Film by Tom Tykwer 1998 Discussion

Run, Lola, Run, dir. Tom Tykwer (1998) (by Monday night/Tuesday morning)

VIEWING QUESTIONS (your observations are not to be submitted; these questions help you focus and may inspire your contributions to the discussion and then your written film analysis):

Motion/movement (who? what? function?)
Take a sheet of paper: List all cinematic technical devices
Realism / formalism?
Who/what is Lola’s antagonist?
Narrative structure? Classical paradigm?

Take a sheet of paper: Make a list of the repetition
Take a sheet of paper: Make a drawing

Woman’s vs. man’s role?
Role of music?

Characters: Lola (title character); Manni (her boyfriend); father; father’s lover; mother; guard; …





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