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Friendship is one of the most fundamental human relationships, shaping our expe

is one of the most fundamental human relationships, shaping our
experiences and personal growth in profound ways. In Mari LaRoche’s
“Secrets and Gold”, the theme of friendship is central to the narrative,
providing insights into the complexities and nuances of these bonds.
For this explication paper, you will closely analyze how the author
presents and develops the concept of friendship throughout the work.
Consider the various friendships depicted, their significance in driving
the plot, and the ways in which they evolve or are tested over the
course of the story.
Some key aspects to explore could include:
The establishment and development of friendships between characters,
including the factors that bring them together or drive them apart.
The different types of friendships portrayed (e.g., childhood
friends, unlikely alliances, betrayals of trust) and how they reflect
broader societal dynamics or human experiences.
The sacrifices, loyalty, or conflicts that arise within these
friendships, and how they shape the characters’ identities or journeys.
The symbolic or metaphorical significance of friendship in the work,
and how it relates to broader themes or messages the author conveys.
The impact of social, cultural, or historical contexts on the
friendships depicted, and how they resonate with or challenge societal
norms or conventions.
analysis should be supported by close reading and textual evidence from
the work, including relevant quotes, passages, or examples that
illustrate your points. Additionally, you may incorporate relevant
secondary sources or critical perspectives to strengthen your analysis
and engage with broader scholarly conversations about the work or theme,
but this is not required.
Introduce both the story and the author in an opening sentence or two. Set
the contexts for your discussion of the passage you have incorporated
either as an epigraph or a block quotation.
Remember to craft a clear and focused thesis statement that guides
your explication by the end of your opening paragraph. Your thesis tells
your reader what your argument is about. Thesis statements must contain
a subject and a predicate and be
complex enough to sustain the length of the paper. Don’t forget to
structure your paper in a logical and cohesive manner, with an
introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Develop your idea about the story. Don’t get sidetracked or introduce
a new theme. Concentrate on analyzing the passage you have selected in
order to support your argument about the story’s theme.
Do not concern yourself in this paper about the author’s life or
times, though you may want to look at words whose meanings or
connotations have changed over time.
Do not spend time summarizing the plot. Remember, summarizing the
plot is a common error of inexperienced essay writers. Limit any summary
to a single, brief sentence or two. Focus your energies on developing
your ideas (your interpretation) of the story.
Length: 1 single-spaced page long (approximately 700 words)
MLA Format: 12-point font, black text, 1” paper margins, 4-line header, Running header with page numbers, and your own unique title
Works Cited Page: Create an accurate entry for each source used in your paper.
Note: No outside research is required for
this paper, but – should you choose to include research – you must
carefully document words and ideas obtained from other sources (books,
articles, internet, dictionaries, etc.) in in-text citations and works
cited entries. Review the syllabus’s plagiarism policy to make sure that
you understand the importance of citing carefully.
Submit via the Canvas assignment box in Module 3. Emailed papers will not be accepted.
File Format: Upload your paper as a Word document (.doc or .docx) so that it can be graded in Canvas SpeedGrader.
Files that are unreadable or non-gradable will receive the same penalty as a “late” paper.

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is one of the most fundamental human relationships, shaping our
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