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For your fourth paper you will be proposing a solution for a specific problem. Y

For your
fourth paper you will be proposing a solution for a specific problem. You will
want to start by clearly identifying a specific problem, discuss why it is a
problem, and then propose a solution or solutions to the problem. The solution
or solutions need to be a specific course of action that can be instituted by a
local community, educational institution, organization, corporation, store, law
enforcement or government.  Once again
you will need to find at least 3 outside
sources to back up your claims. You will need the following paper
body paragraphs with clear topic sentences, support,
analysis & summary
transitions between points
Length: 3-4 pages
double spaced
*list sources used at end of paper
Helpful Tips:
Make sure your
introduction sets up the problem and shows the severity of the problem ( if the
reader doesn’t see how serious the problem is, they are less likely to care
about a solution)
Your thesis should
identify the problem and clearly state the proposed solution(s)
Being able to show
instead of simply tell your readers the problem and the solution(s) is key in
this paper
Pick a problem that is
less obvious so then you are the one generating a new solution instead of
identifying already existing solutions
Make sure you
solution(s) is/are practical and can be implemented ( what is the purpose of
suggesting a solution that has no chance of ever happening)
●       The format of this paper will be slightly different than
project 3. After your introduction you will want to explore the causes of the
issue, current solutions and why they aren’t working, propose a solution(s),
and then address and overcome the criticism of the solution(s) before
●     Attention-grabbing
●     Sets
context with details that reveals significance and relevance
●     Clear
and concise thesis that states problem and solution
Body Paragraphs
●     Explores
the causes, current tactics, & proposes specific solution(s)
●     Specific
and adequate evidence from credible sources
●     Appropriate
source introduction and incorporation
●     Clear
analysis & summary
●     Addresses
and overcomes opposing viewpoints to solution with sufficient detail and
●     Appropriate
●     Logical
●     Use of
clear topic sentences & strong transitions
Word Choice
●     Academic/professional
●     Avoids
cliches, slang,absolutes,informal pronouns,and loaded words
●     Concise phrasing,
varied word choice,sentence clarity
●     Provides
a concise summary of the key points
●     Creates
a detailed expanded thought and lasting impression
Free from errors
Page length (3-4)

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