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For this week, we will focus on “externalize devaluation” (Hardy) and “co-creati

For this week, we will focus on “externalize devaluation” (Hardy) and “co-creating possibilities” (Finn). 
Anti-Oppressive Practice by Beverly Burke and Philomena Harrison: Amelia’s Story
“Amelia had left home at the age of sixteen and a year later began living with a man who became violent towards her when she was pregnant. Going into a hostel for mothers with children, Amelia experienced racial abuse and began taking heroin which s freely available there. She gave birth to her son three months prematurely and spent a stressful time visit- ing him during his recovery. Her appeals for financial support for travel- ling to the hospital went unheard.
After her son’s discharge from hospital Amelia felt overwhelmed when her son became ill. She started taking drugs to cope and he was taken into care again. To get him back Amelia had to be assessed as a fit carer. Mean- time non-black foster parents, despite her objections to this, fostered her son.
Amelia’s son was returned to her under a supervision order. The combi- nation of feeling unable to cope with living alone; the lack of any nursery placement, and her disclosure (as a request for help) that she had attempted to harm her son – culminated in him being taken back into care. After ‘keeping’ her son following a visit, Amelia’s access to him was restricted.
She was afraid to display the strong emotions that she felt about her loss – in case this harmed her case to get her son back. The threat of him being adopted left Amelia in a state of uncertainty about how to fight to keep him” (Burke & Harrison, p. 134). 
Based on Amelia’s story:
Please describe what needs to be considered when integrating the strategy externalizing devaluation (Hardy) and co-creating possibilities (Finn) from a DEIPAR lens to support the work with Amelia.
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