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For this task, you are required to reflect on your own attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of cultural diversity in the workplace (if you are a classroom-based student, think about your experiences


For this task, you are required to reflect on your own attitudes, beliefs and perceptions of cultural diversity in the workplace (if you are a classroom-based student, think about your experiences so far while undertaking your work placement, or your experiences when working in a previous role).

You are to write a reflective report that covers each item below. You can use the headings provided below to separate your discussions. You must cover each bullet point.

Remember that cultural sensitivity and competence is not just shown in how you speak and interact with others, but how you write about different cultures and your opinions and perspectives.

1: Your own culture

  • Discuss your cultural/social background and that of your family. What language, policies/structures and customs are relevant to your own culture? How do you think your own background impacts on people from backgrounds/cultures different to your own?
  • How do your cultural beliefs, values and experiences affect your own behaviour, your relationships with others and your social expectations of others from different cultures?
  • How do you think your culture has impacted Australian society – consider now and its impacts in the future? Do you think there has been positive change?
  • What changing practices to Australia’s political, economic and social landscape do you believe have directly impacted your culture?
  • Consider what you have learned during this unit of competency. What cultural biases or assumptions did you have before undertaking this unit?

2: Diversity in the workplace

Note to the student: where you refer to specific colleagues, supervisors or clients, do not identify them by name. You may like to use ‘Colleague A’ or ‘Client 1’ or similar.

  • Provide some detail about your workplace (or the service you are doing your placement at). How diverse is this workplace in terms of staff and client base? Consider race, gender, sexual identity, religious and spiritual beliefs and other areas that define diversity in your response.
  • How do you, in your day-to-day work activities, show that you value and respect people from different cultures and backgrounds to your own? Provide at least three examples.
  • How culturally competent is your workplace? Give a reason for your ratings.
  • How do you think your ability to build professional relationships with your colleagues and clients encourages a culturally safe work environment?
  • How does your own cultural background affect your communication style and delivery in the workplace? Have you been involved in a cross-cultural misunderstanding with anyone in the workplace, or experienced a difficult situation that stemmed from diversity?
  • If yes, explain the situation and the strategies you used to bring it to a respectful, sensitive resolution.
  • If no, explain a situation you have either seen occur between others in the workplace, or have heard about. Discuss the strategy used to deal with the situation – do you agree with the way in which it was handled, or would you have done it differently?
  • What is one limitation or barrier you feel you have when working with people from backgrounds or cultures different to your own? What do you think you can do to remove the barrier or address the limitation?
  • What frameworks, approaches and instruments are used in your workplace to not only champion human rights, but to also adhere to legislative and ethical requirements? In your response, ensure you are also referring to frameworks and procedures that deal with discriminatory practices and behaviours.
  • What interpreter services does your workplace use or make available to its staff and clients? What is the process used? How does your workplace ensure that the situation requires an interpreter, and that the person’s communication needs are met?
  • What imagery is used in your workplace to assist with a culturally competent and culturally safe workplace?
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