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For this assignment, you will explore and share one selected ceremonial dance th

For this assignment, you will explore and share one selected ceremonial dance through a slideshow. This ceremonial dance should represent an example of dance as ritual, and must be a different dance from the examples in this unit. I encourage you to find a dance that interests you! You will research this dance by considering it’s social, political, and historical contexts and through considering the impact of cultural ideas seen through the dance. You will share your findings by creating a slideshow presentation of at least 10 content slides that will be submitted as a link in Canvas.
Start by researching:
Select a dance that is a form of ritual or ceremony.
Explore the dance’s movement characteristics. What does this dance look like? Is there specific costuming? Why or why not? What are the movement qualities of this dance? Is there training? Why or why not? Collect as much information as you can. 
Explore the dance’s history and its social and political context. Consider where is this dance from? How or why was it created? Who participates in this dance? Is it connected to a religion? Are there outside witnesses? Is it connected to a specific community, social, or political group? What is the setting in which this dance occurs? Does this dance occur today? If not, why? Gather as much information as you can. 
Search for videos on YouTube, Vimeo, or other websites of this dance.
Search for images or other visuals online. 
Next, compile your findings into a slideshow presentation. You are welcome to use Google Slides, PowerPoint, or Prezi. A complete presentation will provide the following information:
A general overview of the dance that you select. 
Describe the dance’s movement characteristics. Be specific by using examples.
Describe the dance’s historical, social, and political context. Be specific by using examples.
At least two video examples.
At least three photo visual aids.
Optional information to include: What drew you to research this dance?  
Final slide: a list of your sources. 
At least 10 content slides (excluding your listed sources and any title slide).
Include each component of the assignment as listed above.
Use supportive detailed examples from your videos and/or other information you found. 
After you post, watch a few of your classmates’ presentations and respond to at least two classmates’ posts. Your response to your classmate’s discussion should be at least 50 words each and should add to the discussion (i.e. reflecting on their presentation, asking questions, etc.). 
Remember to..
If you use Google slides, please make the presentation “viewable” to me (instead of private).
Proofread and use proper grammar, punctuation, and syntax. 
Review the rubric below.

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