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For this assignment, watch the PowerPoint presentation and YouTube video I uploa

For this assignment, watch the PowerPoint presentation and YouTube video I uploaded that discusses formative and summative assessment.  Then re-visit the Lesson Plan you submitted for the previous week.  Make revisions to that plan as follows:
1.  Consider what you have learned in regards to activating prior knowledge. Review what you wrote last week for the Hook/Activating Prior Knowledge. Since you have had time to reflect, do you feel confident that is truly an ACTIVE activator. (Remember that just asking a question about what they learned yesterday is not an activator. Think creatively on how to build student schema at the onset.)
2.  Consider the vocabulary students will need in order to successfully complete the assignment.  Under the Instructional Strategies section, before you would begin to logically sequence instruction, insert the word “Vocabulary”and list the terms students will encounter in the lesson.  Break the vocabulary into two types:
a.  content vocabulary that is particular to your content area; examples: in History: infantry, referendum, conquistador; in Science: experiment, ecosystem, element; in Math: equation, inequality.
b.  academic vocabulary that is particular to learning, but not to a particular content area: examples: discussion, debate, theory, collaborate, consensus, etc. 
List at least three Content Vocabulary terms your students would need in this lesson, and at least one academic vocabulary term. 
3. Complete the Learning Objectives and Assessments section of the lesson plan, by writing your objectives and planning formative and 1 summative assessment related to those objectives. 
Submit the revised lesson plan as a Word document.   
Below is the lesson plan that needs to be revised:
6.NR.1.1 Fluently add and subtract any combination of fractions to solve problems.
Learning Objective:
I am learning to solve problems by adding and subtracting any combination of fractions with unlike denominators. 
Launch Activity: 
Fraction Beach Ball Toss
Launch Activity: Fraction Beach Ball Toss requires an inflatable ball, markers, and sticky notes.
Preparation: Before class, mark the beach ball into sections. Each component should be denoted by a fraction, such as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc. Variations in denominators allow each component to represent a distinct denominator.
Ask a student to take the beach ball into line. After supporting students in reading aloud the fraction on their thumb or the area closest to it, ask them to name the next child to catch the ball and call out the fraction closest to their thumb. This will continue until all the children have participated.
After the ball has been tossed a few times, gather the class to discuss the fractions that were called out. Make it apparent that fractions, such as beach ball portions, have different denominators.
Begin a brief discussion of the students’ difficulties and observations while calling out fractions. Explaining to students that addition and subtracting fractions with different denominators need solutions that make the denominators equal.
In-Depth Exploration
Define what a common denominator is and explain and emphasize the role of a denominator when adding and subtracting factions.
Prepare and illustrate examples for students to record in their journals, as well as different processes for determining a common denominator.
Key Questions:
Ask questions to confirm their knowledge of the lesson. 
For example, what exactly is a denominator and how does it affect fractions when you are using operations such as addition and subtraction?
Ask students to explain the methods for finding a common denominator.
Independent Practice:
Provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding by solving practice problems independently.
Group Activities:
After independent practice, encourage students to share their answers and strategies in class or with a partner.
Schedule 30 minutes for discussions, independent practice, and group activities.

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