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For the master’s-prepared nurse, knowledge of epidemiology and its application t

For the master’s-prepared nurse, knowledge of epidemiology and its application to preventive screening guidelines is important in many clinical areas: administrative, education, and nurse practitioner fields. Individual patient preventive screenings are ordered as a secondary measure before symptoms occur. Preventive screenings are recommended based on outcome data from epidemiological studies, that the test is beneficial; based on risk and characteristics of the identified population in the screening guideline.
Select one screening below from the United States Preventive Services Task Force guidelines.
Abdominal aortic aneurysm
Breast cancer
Cervical cancer
Colon cancer
Diabetes mellitus II
Lung cancer
Condition and Screening
Define the condition and type of screening
Epidemiology of Condition
Discuss the epidemiology of the condition in the United States, via three statistical terms. Include the mortality and related morbidity statistics in numerical format and address trends. Include 3 comparisons: related disparities, such as race, sex, age, etc. Clearly state an analysis of the data, identifying gaps and inequities in care. Provide trends and outcomes related to screening benefits in numerical statistics.
Incorporate the described USPSTF guideline development methodology process, (How the guideline was developed).
Discuss the preventive guideline criteria, the population, and provide details on the screening tool.
Include detailed risk factors. If there is a risk prediction tool, include this.
Critical Analysis
Conduct a literature review of the guideline’s support used for its development. You may include alternative studies found in more recent literature supporting or offering alternative views.
Identify and discuss four studies used in the guideline development clearly relating the impact on the guideline criteria for screening, tool, or population etc.
Identify each study clearly in the paper and cite.
Provide a summary conclusion of the screening guideline, general benefit to the individual, and why it is important.
Format expectations:
Follow all assessment directions.
Introduction and conclusion are included.
Information in paragraphs and paper organized to convey the content to the reader.
Paper length paper should be 3–4 pages of content.
Follows APA in paper format, reference page, in-text citations, or headings.
Uses four or more credible peer-reviewed sources.

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