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First answer the questions in FULL DETAIL.  Then respond to three other videos w

First answer the questions in FULL DETAIL. 
Then respond to three other videos with a minimum of 50 words: 

Choose and watch ONE of the following documentaries: Spectrum: A Story of the Mind,  Neurotypical, The Reason I Jump, Autism the Musical (Hulu, Max, or rent), A Mother’s Courage, Life, Animated, or Normal People Scare Me
Read about Autism on pages 229-236. 
Check out some of the following websites: 
Part 1: Disability Profile Sheet: Autism
In a document (word, Google docs, .pdf), answer the following questions for your Disability Profile Sheet and submit them on Blackboard. You do not need to include the questions on your profile sheet – just the answers. Please do number your answers. 
1. What is Autism/ASD and how is it diagnosed? 
2. Although Autism is a spectrum and each person has different abilities and needs, what are some of the more common ways having Autism may affect a child’s ability to learn or access information?  
3. What are 5 adaptations, tools, or activities that could be used to support a child with Autism? Explain each one briefly and how it is used to support the child (e.g. with what skills or problem areas in their life). 
4. What are three things that you found the most interesting from the documentary you watched? (Use at least 3 full sentences to describe each point of interest.) Be sure to begin by stating which documentary you watched! 
5. Find a short (2-10 minute) video of a person with Autism that inspired or surprised you and include the link. Explain what the video is, who the person is, and why it was inspiring/surprising.  please link the video 
6. Find a children’s book that includes a child with Autism. Consider how the child and their abilities and disability are represented. Is this a strengths-based portrayal? Is it empowering? Does it dispel myths and help to bring people with Autism into mainstream media and society? Include a picture of the copy of the book on your Disability Profile Sheet along with these answers. please provide link
explain why visual schedules are important for children with Autism. Post your video to the video discussions on Blackboard. 
No work cited page needed, just provide the link in your answer when sourcing information

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Then respond to three other videos w appeared first on essaynook.com.

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