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Find Interviews of a Person in Your Profession from Essay #1(rehabilitation nurs

Find Interviews of a Person in Your Profession from Essay #1(rehabilitation nurse)

Topic: This assignment is for your to obtain insight from a person currently working in your preferred profession. No personal interviews will be accepted. Use an Internet search to find interview articles or videos interviews of a person that is already in your selected profession (Essay #1).

Online search: You are to locate an interview (e.g. video, article, etc.) of a person in your preferred profession. It might take a few tries to find good ones. A personal interview is not allowed. I need to verify the information with its URL.

Essay Format:

Paragraph 1 – Briefly discuss the profession you are pursuing and its importance to you.

Paragraph 2 – Identify the person and their title, length of career, and company. Discuss how and where you located the interview.

Paragraph 3 – What specific insight did the persons provide regarding necessary education, certifications, enjoyment, and other advice.

Paragraph 4 – Did the persons’ information make you more or less likely to pursue the profession? Why?

4.) Below the Essay – Include link (URL) to Internet article, video, etc. for your representative.

No essays will be accepted in the Discussion Board or through email. Test the document and make sure it opens before you submit!!

Additional Information:

Your reference list will not be included in your word count.

If you supply information (e.g. statistics, quotes, etc.) from other sources, it must be referenced.

Written material obtained from the textbook or other sources and not referenced could be cause for zero points on the assignment.

Reference is defined as a listing of the source of the material.

In the body of the essay, after the “quoted” material list (Author’s name, year of publication).

At the end of your essay, include a reference list: include the author’s name, date of publication, title, publisher, or website URL.

Requirements: 4 pages (1200 words)

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