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Final Project: Gender equality and gender empowerment in a global world During t

Final Project: Gender equality and gender empowerment in a global world
During the final part of the course, you will work with your group to continue your data driven gender analysis and  propose a plan/strategy to address girls’ education (in a country you analyzed for the data analysis project). The goal is for you to present your analysis and findings using key theories from the course to inform the development, implementation, and evaluation phases of your project.
Your final version should be in a solid form as if you were going to present this as an idea to an audience interested in funding and helping you implement this action plan (ex., Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, a non-profit board, a government, etc.). 
For your project you will upload:
(The two parts can be uploaded separately as two files if necessary.)  
Part 1. A presentation of your plan/strategy  (can be a document, slides, video, etc.). [In the presentation, demonstrate the problems you plan to resolve, the goals of your plan, and the actions you plan to take, etc.  The questions in the part 2 can also assist you to consider what to include in the presentation.]
Part 2. A written response that addresses questions 1-7 below.
Who are the target beneficiaries of your innovative solution to address inequality? (age group, geography, demographics, etc.).
How will this plan be carried out and by whom? (duration, time frame, etc.)
What resources are needed to carry out your plan? How will they be made available?
What are the goals and objectives of this plan?
What are aspects of this plan that will make it ‘successful’?
How will you measure the efficacy or success of this plan? How will you use this information to make changes to future iterations?
And most importantly, what theories from the course inform this plan (e.g., girls/women’s empowerment, cosmopolitanism, capabilities approach, justice globalism and all of the readings on gender and education)? Why? 
Normally, students answer these questions in approximately 10 double-spaced pages of text. 
the slides provided will show the example of the first part. i believe that from the slides you need sources and references. so the assignment titled “data analysis” is an example of the  first assignment before this assignment, so there sources and reference could be consider. 

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