Film Philosophy

In module 8 we shift from thinking about society as an external reality that is shaped by forces much bigger than we are to the very important question – “who am I” and “who do I want to be”? In one of his sermons, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. offers three criteria for living an authentic life. Thankfully, we are also able to hear Dr. King speak in his own voice.

With an idea of what a complete life means according to Dr. King, we return to The Hunger Games series to see if any of the characters in Catching Fire (2013) are living a complete life, despite the larger social chaos that surrounds them.

Discussion Worksheet

Module Theme:

Identify 2-3 philosophical questions or problems:

Pick one philosophical question or problem to address:

Identify 3-4 relevant terms, concepts, or principles from the assigned materials:

Identify 2-3 possible conclusions using the terms, concepts, or principles from the readings:

Final Thoughts:





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