Film Movie Ben Hur Reflection

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Must discuss the content of the movie instead of doing a search

Please answer the questions, and do not digressive

1. How does the conflict between the Jewish Judah Ben Hur and the Roman Messala map onto socio-political concerns of 1950s America? Does America of the 1950s identify with the Jews or the Romans, and why? Please discuss two specific examples from the movie.

2. Discuss one way that the 1907 or 1925 silent movie differs from the 1959 version. What is the effect of the 1959 movie’s different portrayal of this element? (Since the clips of the 1925 version are very short, there is not a lot to work with. But do your best. Note: “greater length” (than 1907) or “presence of color and sound” (compared to 1907 and 1925 versions) are not adequate answers.)

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